Accenture's ANZ corporate communications lead, Georgia … Has anyone heard that layoffs have started in India? Nobody is hiring and will not be for who knows how long. I recently received some information from colleagues that are associated with the telecommunications industry and I summarized what … No work life balance Lay offs in the name of PIP Weekday working with no money Female employees made to work until midnight or later Variable is deducted to more than 50% … newspapers had the news within the hour ... Accenture Promotes 605 New Managing Directors and Appoints 63 New Senior Managing Directors. This year PwC says they're pausing fall recruitment efforts, although they remain committed to hiring summer interns. Global … Source:... For instance, 700 to 900 employees in the United Kingdom are being cut, according to a July 2020 report from The Guardian. BENGALURU: Accenture is offering a seven-month severance payout to employees impacted by its latest layoffs. read more, Accenture Layoffs Target Up To 25,000 Low Performers: Report —  —  —  It will be “Happy New Year!” (calendar that is) and should we expect a big slash on Friday... End of story. Wonder what scale that is. Layoffs are happening in Accenture. What to expect after the acquisition of Enimbos? read more, Accenture is no stranger to layoffs and I believe it's only a matter of time before the next major round occurs. —  Copyright © 2016 Business Insider Inc. Tous droits réservés. Employees are also staying put more than usual because of an uncertain job market, meaning the firms have to take more proactive steps as opposed to relying on people leaving on their own to help manage headcount. read more. In India no laws apply to IT corporates under nasscom umbrella It was difficult to find any projects, I ended up sitting on the bench... ... layoffs may impact most of Accenture's verticals. The global IT consulting firm will make the UK cuts from July through September 2020. read more, An internal message was sent to all UK staff this afternoon. The weird thing was not even their CC nor their Practice manager was aware of who was targeted. —  The Accenture job cuts will affect Indians prominently as Indians make up almost 2,00,000 of Accenture… September 202o: SALT Solutions, an SAP partner. I was a consultant in C&HT at the time, based out of the NYC office. —  It's the overall work atmosphere, it's the toxic culture, the horrible, incompetent managers who like to take all the credit for what works... Do you have information about layoffs or pay cuts at professional-services firms? —  Layoffs, pay cuts, and dialed-back recruiting: Here's how the biggest accounting and consulting firms are cutting costs and shrinking headcount. 6-8% of headcount is the... Any news or rumors? Accenture already cut 8% of their workforce in the UK early this month. Like a victim of domestic violence, right when you get ready to leave, they convince you that you can’t do any better. read more. As per one of the sources, Accenture has already fired many employees during mid-June in the USA. It s—s big time. Read about how they're laying off US staff... PwC says they're pausing fall recruitment efforts. The Big 4 usually extend job offers to summer interns and then recruits additional MBA candidates in the fall to start work after graduating in the spring. Here's how business school career counselors say they're preparing graduates. Accenture was one of the first IT services firms to cut its revenue forecast for the fiscal -- to 3%-6% compared to 6%-8% it had stated previously. KPMG, Deloitte, and EY said they would continue to recruit MBA candidates, but it is expected there will be fewer hires.