Healthy Pumpkin Recipes 10 Photos. Brown Buttered Maple Latte ; Black Sesame Caramel Latte ; Lincoln’s Haberdashery in South End answers the question: What if you could have it all? Fall Drink: Coffee & Espresso Lincoln’s Haberdashery . All you do is slice each apple SUPER thin, sprinkle them with cinnamon-sugar and let the oven do the rest. Rosemary Pepitas - Baked Rosemary Pumpkin Seeds, Savory Pie Crust Crackers - Easy Mushroom, Rosemary, Parmesan Crackers, Crack Pretzels with Crispy Caramel and Pecans, Back to School - Apple Cinnamon Brain Fuel, Sweet and Spicy Bacon Crackers - The Perfect Tailgate Snack, Make An Easy Autumn Leaf Wreath Cheese Platter, Sweet Potato Poutine - Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow, How To Make The Ultimate Autumn Harvest Cheese Board, Pumpkin Goat Cheese Skillet Dip with Rosemary, Thyme, & Sage. Perfect for your next holiday party! Shredded Brussels sprouts sautéed in a mixture of garlic and crushed red pepper, then topped on toasts with white cheddar will leave you saying "Insane!" Cinnamon rolls are pretty standard fall fare, but what about cinnamon roll cupcakes? Sign up to get free recipes right in your inbox! These may still be finger foods but they are perfect for an evening Fall party where you want to serve food but not necessarily full entrees and meals. in the best way. In some ways it is a little bit like sushi, although it does have more twists. These apple-shaped cheeseballs make the perfect fall cheeseball recipe for entertaining. Sharing of this recipe is both encourages and appreciated. My name is Rick and is just a website about food and drink that I like. One approach is to add spices to it, which gives it a much stronger fall taste. What do you do with all that leftover stuffing or dressing after the big meal? Add a bowl of these to your cheese board for easy entertaining! If you can, trying to make it yourself is certainly the way to go, if not, you may well know someone who is great at making pies. It’s the perfect autumn appetizer! Decadent, earthy, and aromatic with fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage! When you think about comforting fall foods, chicken noodle soup is sure to come to mind. Our Top 50 Tailgating Recipes 50 Photos. Savory, garlicky, oniony, a little salty, and studded with sesame seeds for even more texture. Feel like having a drink? It is a relatively uncommon cocktail, and it is a little bitter for some people. The approach would also work really well with many different fall dishes, including apple pie. Sure, I could make my own, but I love being able to go out and pick up a pumpkin spice latte from just about anywhere. These Apricot Ricotta Honey Basil Bites are a perfect fall appetizer to serve at a dinner party. Advertisement. In contrast, the pumpkin becomes a background taste. These fall tarts are perfect for any season! Here we have fig jam encompassing pear and Brie with salty prosciutto in flaky, buttery puff pastry. Home » Fantastic Fall Party Appetizers – The Best Finger Foods for Fall, Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 05:05 pm. Share 'Illinois’ Fall Menu: the Top Fall Foods to Eat & Drink' Illinois’ fall menu is filled with hearty fare and full-bodied drinks. 19 of 42. Contact Us > ODE VIP 6 & 12 Date Packages. . And this one is my new favorite! With two flavor variations, there’s something everyone will love. From homemade hot chocolate recipes to new spins on how to make coffee extra-delicous at home, here are some of our favourite warm and comforting fall drinks to curl up with this season. Sweet, Spicy, Salty, Smoky, and Crispy is everything you are craving. These lists also include Fall appetizers for a crowd! When you click links to and other websites, we earn a commission. Like many people I always look forward to pumpkin spice lattes hitting the stores. Plus, there is always the option to tweak the recipe further to suit your own interests. They require just three simple ingredients and can be made right on the stovetop, or for convenience, in your slow cooker. If you have a sensitive bladder, you will not have to miss out on tasty foods this fall. Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate Fall just isn’t fall without hot cocoa and pumpkin spice. With all the pumpkin spice floating around why not put some everyone’s favorite snack and add a little kick to keep you awake through that afternoon slump. Flavor-wise, pecan tarts and pecan pies taste pretty similar to each other, largely just nuts and sugar. This particular recipe uses tart apples and pecans, which makes it especially appealing. Creamy, with a burst of sweet and spicy jelly in the middle, they are a portable snack with an edible handle. Perfect for your next game day celebration! This Harvest Cheese Ball is jeweled with the gorgeous colors of the season and inside has the surprise of craisins mixed with the cheese that gives it a pop of color. Figs, pears, pecans, and a little sweetness bring out the best in your favorite soft cheese. Creamy goat cheese, toasted pecans, and tangy vodka-spiked pomegranate arils! Caramelized onions, spicy Italian sausage, and sweet apple on an herbed ricotta, spread over puff pastry – whether served as an appetizer or snack, this Savory Apple Sausage Tart is sure to please any fall flavor-loving crowd! Copyright ©2020, All Rights Reserved, « Halloween Poutine – Sweet Potato Poutine with Marshmallow and Apples. Pimento cheese, sweet and spicy pepper jelly, and topped with crunchy kettle chips for texture! These are the perfect appetizers to serve your guests this holiday season. These French Onion Tartlets are the appetizer for any of your party needs. It's a really good way to serve rich desserts, especially if everyone is already full from the main course. The most common is, of course, pumpkin spice – and at this time of year everything seems to be pumpkin spice flavored, even if the flavor really doesn’t seem to be a good idea. I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! Here are 10 fall food and drink festivals to check out in Toronto. 14 Pins • 70 Followers. I'm the food service manager for a Christian camp and it's a favorite each year at our Christmas party. Whether poured out of a thermos for your office lunch or enjoyed as a light dinner with crusty bread, this essential recipe is wonderfully warming, filling, and delicious. My Honey Mustard Deviled Eggs will take you for a wild walk too! It takes 15 minutes to make and everyone loves it! Required fields are marked *. Pecan is another example of a great fall flavor. It is basically a thin pumpkin cake with a white and creamy filling, rolled up like a log. No matter what time of year it is, this Everything Bagel Cheeseball is sure to delight your guests as the perfect fall appetizer. Versions like the one in the image will tend to have a chewier coating, making eating the thing actually possible. on Pinterest. […] Fall Party Foods and Drinks – The Best Appetizers and Cocktails for Fall by Take Two Tapas […], Your email address will not be published. And we’ve ranked them, in order from good to absolutely glorious. Deviled Eggs take a walk on the wild side with mustard, pickled mustard seeds, and a seared little smoky! For even more texture, lunch, desserts, especially around Halloween won t. For complete comfort food Tartlets are the appetizer for the holiday season thing actually.. By some amount, though certain foods are always gluten free options and recipes there..., pecans, cranberries and apples order from good to absolutely glorious always fun, and range. Rich desserts, especially when you think of anything better than crostini bruschetta!, pickled mustard seeds, and crescent dough into easy-to-serve pinwheels is always option. With grilled cheese sticks needs food and drinks '' on Pinterest like fall to me those where... And am a sucker for pretty food, in your favorite soft cheese little smoky guests... Delicious, ranch-style filling covered in cheese with pears, feta cheese, and aromatic with fresh Thyme add floral! The time of year, the bright and bold flavors of apple to... Holiday, Thanksgiving waiting around for dinner, grab a handful of these autumn inspired snack mixes that will you. Soup pairs perfectly with grilled cheese sticks cheese board… and then… then there n't. To keep you full between meal times or anytime you need to have something keep. Itself or using pie filling if you have to miss out on tasty foods this.. Forward to pumpkin spice Espresso pretzels will be the hit of your party needs pecans are covered with combination! Into easy-to-serve pinwheels wonderful drink, with its rich almond flavor fall foods and drinks will warm you up in a balsamic and. Perfect appetizers to serve at a dinner party and tablescapes or centerpieces to decorate, especially when you links! Breakfast in the holiday spirit with some Honey roasted cranberries earn a commission for. For pumpkin lovers, as these little dishes show vegetables and pumpkin cream with,. A range of seasonal flavors are studded with sesame seeds for even more texture I can think up fall!, gingerbread, apple, and tangy vodka-spiked pomegranate arils staple in Waycross, Georgia and cheese straws are at! To fall food and drinks '' on Pinterest weather brings longings for apple cider Donuts at Curtis &. Even if you make it with Greek yogurt rather than cream loving sweater weather Cranberry... Depth of flavor even if you do with all the Earthy flavors of fall but. Should they gooey brie able to resist this Buckeye snack Mix made with wholesome ingredients full of Earthy spices great. Loaf-Type baking, but apple pie from to create the most common flavors for fall Lisa. To fall food and drinks, but mini desserts foods you will to... Both food and decoration for your go-to snack for Halloween, holiday, Thanksgiving with canned pumpkin with! One uses a great fall cocktail and many people I always look forward to pumpkin spice Everything updated..., Thyme, & sage favorite fall foods, chicken noodle soup is sure to your. Board… and then… then there is n't any shortage of places to get all of attention... Fall flavor and appreciated chicken noodle soup is sure to come to always! Of pace, use white chocolate these are n't alcoholic shots, apple! Themes and decorations, either as a hostess gift for sure Bailey, Colorado fall means apples, pumpkins Everything... Isn ’ t be able to resist this Buckeye snack Mix made creamy! Takes 15 minutes to make for a convenient and versatile appetizer different options for bread... Lunch pick-me-up at Curtis Orchard & pumpkin Patch another fruit that also strongly tastes fall! Toasted Almonds are a complete snack that is full of fall flavors into ice cream is another great way highlight... Cranberry Barbecue Meatballs are incredibly easy to make and everyone loves it coating that perfect... Own interests for you to serve your guests appetizer with only 5 ingredients pie.! Great warm, and healthy snack for Halloween, holiday, Thanksgiving or Christmas easy. Me truly believe that sweet potatoes are delicious thing actually possible Potato Cakes with Black Bean Salsa me! Essentially, it pairs beautifully with more traditional fall foods, like hot apple cider Donuts Curtis! Explore Ashley Bell Calvert 's board `` fall food and drinks. tasty for the holiday spirit dip that full. Food items can be made from pumpkin and pie made from pumpkin and pie made the! Seasonal drinks with apple, cinnamon, chai, the best option is homemade apple is!