The C-Level titles are the highest titles in corporations or businesses and are given to people who head divisions and disciplines. while other larger organizations might use more specific titles like Director of … Marketing directors may receive different titles based on the products or content types that manage. Head of Marketing responsibilities include developing plans to help establish our brand, allocating resources to different projects and setting short-term and long-term department goals. Small business owner titles can vary from the standard (CEO, owner) to the specific (head plumber, director of technical operations). Every entrepreneur needs to make his or her own decision about the right title to use. I head digital at my agency, and my job title is Chief Digital Architect. Before long, these are some of the job titles coming to a marketing department near you. Having a marketing title which includes the word "manager" does not necessarily mean the person is a manager of people. These professionals are responsible for providing a sense of direction to the employees for the goodwill & growth of the organization. Here are the updated marketing salaries, followed by the detailed job descriptions for each marketing job title. These directors establish marketing budgets and manage teams of marketing managers and specialists. Director of Media. In the last decade, websites have grown infinitely more complex. Are there alternate job titles for the marketing director role? The director of marketing focuses on the marketing strategy itself. They may also hold other titles, such as head of marketing or vice president of marketing. Not only do consumers demand visually stunning and intuitive sites, but they want them on their smart phones now as well. Favoured by tech start-ups, this could be seen to represent both the company’s aspirations, as well as its hopes to fulfill the dreams of its growing base of consumers! The most common confusion is over the term "manager." If you’re a skilled Marketing strategist, able to inspire your team members, we’d like to meet you. Experience Required: 6-7 years Average Salary: 75-100K Other Job Titles: Director of Marketing Research. In order to attract applicants with the expertise you want, post a marketing director job listing with a descriptive or specific job title. The Marketing Career Path - Step 3 | Director of Marketing. Marketing directors meet marketing objectives and make an important contribution to revenue and profitability. Hope that helps! Director of Public Relations. Marketing job titles within different companies can have different meanings and vastly different levels of responsibility and power. Hence, you will find some organizations referring them as Head of HR, Head of Marketing, etc. Director of Advertising sales. Marketing Job Title Confusion. This seemingly fantastical job title might at other companies be called the more straightforward Head of Creative or Lead Designer. The following are some of the common C-Level titles: Chief Executive officer(CEO) Chief Financial officer(CFO) Chief Information Officer(CIO) Chief Marketing officer(CMO) Chief Executives Manager(CEM) The marketing salary guide. Director of Marketing Analytics. In short, the title, whatever it may be, should always encompass the dual mandate of any modern marketer: pure marketing on the one hand, and hard-won business development on the other. 1) Mobile Marketer. These marketing job salaries aren’t starting salaries. The chief marketing officer is the chief architect of marketing function and is required to behave like a leader, a builder, a motivator and a mentor.