Just make sure the material of your container is nontoxic, since toxins can leach into the soil and then into the strawberries you eat. It is advisable to build the box against a shed or outside wall. Besides being cheap and sturdy, pallets also improve the productivity of this fruit. If you want to grow strawberries in your very own backyard or even balcony, but you don’t have enough space, building a wooden tower is a wise decision. You can also wait to plant until late spring when the weather has warmed up to accommodate growing. You are going to build a railing for the base of your planter to rest flat, so the railing has to run from each interior edge of your legs to the adjacent interior edges. Will planting it right next to the phlox cause any problems? Excavate the area with a shovel to dig out a 4-inch deep rectangle. PLANTER FEATURES: Sturdy and long lasting garden planters. The planter box is constructed from cinder blocks to make a simple square or rectangular design. Planting strawberries in a box can extend the growing season, because the soil in a raised bed is warmer than the ground beneath it. In our temperate Seattle weather, strawberries are a great plant to start in the winter as a bare-root plant that will come alive in spring. All Rights Reserved. There are several plans you can choose from, so take a look over the related planter plans before starting the project. Here it is with the strawberries planted. Cut 2-by-6 lumber into four 4-foot pieces for the sides. Others stay fairly compact. Now use the thin wire to make the box stand straight when hanged. Make sure that this pipe is 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) longer than the main pipe. Rat wire keeps out chipmunks. The goal is to get three equal pieces, so the place where you should cut will depend on the number of the planks of your pallet. Repeat to attach the remaining corner posts to the ends of the other end piece. Place bird netting over the pipes to keep out birds. Strawberries love the sun so make sure that the spot you choose gets a lot of sunshine. This planter box has space for regular plants and water plants. They are the preferred berry for many gardeners, requiring little care to produce great fruit. Try clay pots, plastic storage boxes or even metal troughs for watering livestock. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to build your strawberry planter: 1. Growing Strawberries in Raised Beds Here I’ll cover all the basics of growing strawberries in raised beds. When you're ready to plant, fill the boxes with potting soil and lightly tamp down. If you’re not already convinced that growing your own strawberries is a smart strategy, consider this: strawberries are the third most pesticide-contaminated produce commercially grown in the United States, according to the Environmental Working Group, with some 300 lbs. Place the plastic tube so the open end will be exposed at the top in the center of the planter. Many people grow them in … Cut 1-inch PVC pipe into four pieces, 12 inches in length; cut 1/2-inch PVC pipe into two pieces, 6 feet in length. Grow them as annuals if you use small containers. plans for this one from MotherEarthNews.com, according to the Environmental Working Group. Kingston was also published in "Voices of Bipolar Disorder. It also helps keep out weeds that can harm the shallow roots of these plants. Drill holes into containers so water can drain. Plant your seedlings, 1 per hole or 2 in the long center hole. Required fields are marked *. Fertilize strawberries with a water-soluble fertilizer, according to package directions, immediately after planting and as blooms appear. Strawberries are a favorite of every critter in my garden. The length will equal the height of your planter. Then water it and the soil level will go down a little. Mark the location for the box with string. Location for Strawberry Raised Bed. Strawberries are easy to grow and do well in containers, as long as you give them rich, fertile soil and a sunny position. Container Vegetable Gardening 101: Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots. Make identical holes on the next box and insert the rope though the holes. There are strawberries that generate long runners of babies and they will spread across the box (and will actually give you more plants). All eat strawberries. You will build a 3-foot by 4-foot box, 1 foot high, which gives easy access to plants for weeding and picking the strawberries. Almost any container can be used, so long as it has adequate drainage. Drive two 3-1/2 inch #14 wood screws through the end piece and into the post with a screwdriver. Secure the corner post on the other end piece to the other end of the board in the same manner. Try a vertical pyramid planter if you have limited space, such as this one from Runnerduck.com. Amy Kingston has been a professional writer since 2001. One-Day Garden Planter Box and Pond. These types produce slightly fewer berries than June-bearing varieties, but they are a good option if you want a steady stream of berries for fresh eating throughout the summer. The first step to growing great strawberries is choosing a variety well-suited to your region. Make sure that the pipe has 4-6 inches (100mm or 150mm) diameter. This time we are to boost your creative vision with some cool pallet planter suggestions! Like any plant, give strawberry plants what they like and you will reap a good harvest. Using a pallet planter to grow strawberry is ideal for people who want to save space. Just like belairdirect simplifies your insurance, we simplify life at the cottage by building planter boxes out of fence boards. Take the plant out of the nursery pot and plant in the hole, securing its place by pressing down the soil around its base. Bend the pipe and insert the other end into the installed PVC pipe on the opposite side of the bed. Yikes! Select a level spot in full sun for optimum growth. With just a little effort on your part, your strawberry patch will produce as much as 1 to 2 quarts of strawberries per plant each season. Ib this design, pallets are used to create a raised bed like structure. Strawberry planters take up very little space and can easily fit on a balcony or patio so anyone, no matter how small their apsce can have a go at growing their own. Tamp down the soil with a tamping tool, then line the area with landscape fabric to keep weeds and grass from growing up into the box. End ca… Center the second planter on the soil and check if it is perfectly horizontal. As the season goes on, it fills in nicely and lots of red berries hanging over the sides. Cut 2-by-6 lumber into four 3-foot pieces for the ends. Insert one end of a 6-foot-long section of 1/2-inch PVC pipe into the PVC pipe installed on the inside of the bed. 4 Arbor with Strawberry Boxes. This raised planter box takes it to the next level with a box that is counter-height which makes it easier to take care of your little garden. Tuck it in front of a window or on a sunny patio. Select a level spot in full sun for optimum growth. Strawberry Pallet Planter: For this project you will need the following materials: - A suitable pallet as described in the next two steps - A hand-saw or jigsaw - Electric drill or hammer - Two sizes of screws and nails - approx. Continue securing the two short pieces to the two long pieces with wood screws until you have a planter box that is four long layers and three short layers like this: Line the inside of the box with landscape cloth cut to fit and secured to the inside edges of the top layer with craft staples. Style up the way you cultivate plants, vegetables, and fruits! Your email address will not be published. Will it be enough to cover the bed with straw in the winter? Place the box in the marked area over the landscape fabric and hardware cloth. Fertilize strawberries with a water-soluble fertilizer, according to package directions, immediately after planting and as blooms appear. This strawberry planter is a great way to start a small crop of berries without taking up too much space. :) Materials Needed: $8 -4 or more cinder blocks $4 -Potting mix, or well draining rich … If your pallet has 9 pla… Position a side board so that its end edge aligns with the outer edge of one of the end pieces. Our gardening obsessed editors and writers choose every product we review. This strawberry planter in my garden was a trash find at the side of the road. This is why pallets with 6, 9 (or 12) planks work the best – it’s easy to cut them in three equal pieces with a saw. It may take beginners more than a day to build this, but it’s not overly complicated and requires only basic tools. This impressive strawberry planter is actually a tower of stacked five-gallon plastic nursery pots, with drain holes on the bottom. Build this pallet planter wall no matter on concrete or ground. 1 … If you have more room, build a simple raised bed for your strawberries. Strawberry Planter Box DIY 20 Minutes: This is a 20 minutes "do it yourself" and in no time at all have lush healthy strawberries. Deer fence+ out deer. It would look great on a deck, porch, or patio. A narrow diameter length of downpipe (you will use it for watering). Place hardware cloth over the landscape fabric to keep moles and gophers from entering the box from below. In no time, you’ll enjoy luscious, pesticide-free strawberries from your own backyard. Thank you. The next step in building planter boxes for our strawberries was cutting eight foot long 1 x 8s for the sides, hinging sets together for a foldable (for storage) 16-foot length. Position the remaining two end pieces on top of the secured end pieces and attach them to the corner posts with screws. Find an area where you want to create your box and then measure it. These DIY strawberry towers are PVC-free and are perfect for small gardens, balcony gardens, and greenhouse planting. Your length should be 33 inches (84 cm) and your width 10.5 inches (27 cm) if you’re building a medium-sized planter box. Growing strawberries is a satisfying gardening venture. I built a second planting area to sit on top. March and April are ideal for planting so get started now! There’s 2″ gap between each planter box. … The first step is to cut your pallet into three equal pieces. Ananda started the project by drilling holes in each of the pots. A weekend garden project that you will enjoy building. I said, we are building your planter box. Cut 4-by-4-inch lumber into four 12-inch pieces with a table saw for the corner posts. Fill it with a high-quality potting mix or make your own by mixing equal parts potting mix, loamy garden soil and compost. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Building the frame of the tower Fill the planter with soil and level it thoroughly. These DIY project plans will show you how to build this pyramid strawberry planter from start to finish, with photos at every step! Copyright © 2021. I live in Idaho and would like to move my potted strawberrys to a risen bed around my phlox flower garden. How to Build a Strawberry Planter. Visit Sunset.com for detailed plans. She has written articles for various publications, including "Health" magazine, "Jackson Parenting" magazine, the "Bolivar Bulletin" newspaper and "A Musician's Pursuit." This step by step diy project is about strawberry tower plans. If you want to enjoy fresh strawberries, build a strawberry box to make tending plants easier. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at no extra cost to you. A single wood pallet can do all the magic into a vertical planter box, the space between wood slices is just right to plant strawberry in. ", Building Cedar Fence Posts for a Raised Bed, How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden Box, Popular Mechanics: How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds, Gardener’s Supply Company: Growing Berries and Asparagus in Raised Beds, How to Build a Raised Garden Bed With Legs, How to Build a Planter Box From Fence Boards, How to Convert Bunk Beds to Form a Large Bed. You will build a 3-foot by 4-foot box, 1 foot high, which gives easy access to plants for weeding and picking the strawberries. In case you want to use a pressurized irrigation system, you may use the length of the soak hose instead of this length. Use 2×2 lumber to anchor the second planter into place. June-bearing varieties aren’t always reliable in areas with harsh winters and late spring storms. The design can easily be expanded to make a larger box. of pesticides applied annually to one acre of strawberries. Cut the Pallet. To build a vertical strawberry planter, you will need: 1. Fill the bed with about 15 cubic feet of soil mix and plant your strawberry plants inside the box. Planters are available in a variety of designs, from simple boxes and raised beds, to upright pyramid shapes. When selecting a container for strawberries, think beyond the obvious. chicken wire keeps out squirrels I am so new on these gardening, however i am so in tuned to your emails to me and reading all of them. It is also a very clever idea. Sides. [CDATA[ amzn_assoc_ad_type = "contextual"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "gardenchannel-20"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_placement = "N2FVPXMGDA6HRCUT"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "N2FVPXMGDA6HRCUT"; amzn_assoc_emphasize_categories = "1000, 1055398"; amzn_assoc_fallback_products = "B00KC3ARQM, B00DMCIZIW"; amzn_assoc_width = "300"; amzn_assoc_height = "250"; // ]]> Filed Under: Container Gardening, Strawberries Tagged With: build a strawberry planter, diy strawberry planter, grow strawberries, how to grow strawberries, strawberry containers, strawberry jar, strawberry planters. Working from the bottom, fill each layer with dirt. Learn how to build this planter pond with this complete tutorial. Position two more side pieces over the boards on the sides and secure them to the corner posts with screws. lengths 4 cm (1-1/2") and 8cm (3") Optional: … How many you plant will depend on the size of the box and type of plant. Next, plant your strawberries within the triangular spaces in each corner. Originally planned for flowers, this wooden planter looks charming filled with strawberries. For watering, use the PVC pipe and pour your water into the opening. 3. If you have a large planter, remove old, spent plants each fall and replace the strawberries every three to five years. Repeat to attach a second side board to the remaining two corner posts, which will form a 3-foot by 4-foot box. We put around 10 strawberry plants in each planter box, so around 30 plants for the entire tiered planter. It’s Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend and the Misses just asked me what are we doing this weekend. Use your hand or a trowel to dig a small hole for each strawberry plant. The PVC pipe will provide a frame for bird netting. May 21, 2020 - Explore Michele Shields's board "Strawberry Planter Ideas", followed by 298 people on Pinterest. A length of PVC downpipe. To make a 'double deck' of planter box, tie another batch of knots on each rope about 20-25 cm from the top of the first box. Secure it to the corner post with two screws. Repeat to install the remaining three 12-inch sections of PVC pipe. Your email address will not be published. Position a 12-inch piece of PVC pipe vertically on the inside of the box, 2 feet from the end of the box. When she gets off the phone we are headed to Lowe’s for the material to make your box… A barrel can also make a great planter — check out the plans for this one from MotherEarthNews.com. You’ll love how simple it is to make these long-lasting strawberry planters so you can grow your own organic berries. A long but narrow planter box makes harvesting the strawberries easier because the gardener need not stretch to reach the strawberries in the middle. Day-neutral and ever-bearing varieties produce strawberries throughout the growing season. Strawberry plants tend to sprawl, so a box can also help keep them contained while offering the room they need to grow. Secure it to the side boards with 1-inch tube straps placed near the top and bottom of the pipe and 1/2-inch #8 wood screws. Water the strawberries several times per week to keep the soil evenly moist. Place your strawberry planter in a location that receives at least eight hours of sunlight per day. Strawberry planter finished dimensions. DIY Vertical Strawberry Pallet Planter. The picture below is my planter complete with seedlings even. Use these plans to build a decorative planter box for your front porch, a nice pergola with planter for the garden or even a nice waist high vegetable planter. You’ll need 3 x imitation terracotta pots potting mix strawberry plants Method Decide where you want to put your strawberry tower before you start filling the pots with potting mix - choose a sunny position. Although strawberries are perennials, they become less productive as they age. I googled, how to build a planter box. This simple, no tools-required approach is featured on Instructables.com. Stand an end piece on its side and position a corner post on one end of the board, so that the end and bottom edges of the board and post are flush. See more ideas about outdoor gardens, garden projects, container gardening. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Step 1 Set the PVC pipe into a miter box and cut the pipe with a fine-toothed saw to the length you would like your planter to be. If your pallet has 6 planks, saw the wood between second and the third plank, and then after forth and fifth. Clone this DIY red painted pallet strawberry planter box, a more secure and unique way to grow strawberries, and will also be a centerpiece to your garden decors! The downside to June-bearing types is that they are easily nipped by late-spring frosts. This is very important, and the first thing you need to consider when growing strawberries in a raised bed. It should be about 15mm in diameter. 1) Half fill the largest pot with potting mix. Making a strawberry planter out of PVC is a simple project that will help you to grow strawberries for years to come. Planting strawberries in planters tames their slightly invasive nature and simplifies maintenance tasks. This way, it won’t take a lot of space in the yard. Just fill the towers with soil to create a vertical planter for your strawberries. June-bearing strawberries produce flavorful, high-quality fruit in early summer. Image and Instructions: Remove And Replace 03. The finished strawberry planter is 34.5″ wide and 23″ tall, with each planter box 30″W x 7″D x 5.5″H. Plant June-bearing strawberries 12 to 18 inches apart; plant day-neutral and ever-bearing strawberries 5 to 9 inches apart. Plant June-bearing strawberries 12 to 18 inches apart; plant day-neutral and ever-bearing strawberries 5 to 9 inches apart. Gardening Channel. Repeat to install a second section of 1/2-inch PVC pipe into the remaining two pipes inside the bed. Learn how to make a Vertical Strawberry Planter with just a few affordable supplies. Fill the holes of the cinder blocks all the way with your planting mix. Position a second corner post on the other end of the end board, so the end and bottom edges of the board and post are flush and secure it with screws. //