I think it could be a worthwhile project to pursue….in around 12-24 months’ time when we are (hopefully) not in the midst of a pandemic. Continue the line another 1 1/2 cm and mark again. The art teacher at the school I teach at pointed me to a brand of acrylic paint that would be great for this project. westin on May 08, 2018: i love it. The design of the flute in the project we are providing is that of a North American Style flute. In this STEM / STEAM activity, kids will make a homemade pan flute using straws!After building their own pan flutes and exploring the science of sound, children will then have the opportunity to write their own songs and record the notes for those songs on the free printable recording sheet.A fun musical instrument … Building a teepee for a school project helps explore lifestyle and cultures of Native Americans from 1840 to 1920. I just think there are more important things to focus on at this time. on April 13, 2018: A unique, creative and fun hub! She went on to suggest that we used gold paint to cover the tube. The shape has no effect on the playability or the sound. Since a child would be blowing over the top of the flute, I wanted to make sure that the paint was non-toxic. The design is not something that can be patented, as the concept is in the public domain. I'm glad you found a project and did so well making it. Rain Stick Music - Make these rain sticks with dried beans, corn, or rice and a paper towel roll. Now – I’m not saying that this project is totally unachievable by a school. Roll up a Flute - The Dizi flute (also called the Di, D'Tzu, or Zhu Di) is the most popular flute in Asia. Use your utility knife to cut out the rectangle for your mouthpiece and a small circle for each of the finger holes. Traditional Native American teepees served as functional living quarters. :) This project is quick, loud, and yet there is an amazing amount that you can learn about sound and pitch through these small instruments. It’s made from bamboo, often with silk wound around it to prevent cracking. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t ever consider it. Here are the directions for making a homemade flute that is fun to play May 23, 2019 - A cardboard tube can be used to create fun homemade instruments for kids. Measure 5 1/2 cm from the end and mark. "Do-Re-Mi" Xylophone If you've got a serious hankering for DIY projects, this adorable xylophone that kids can play along to "Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music, fits the bill.From Lovely Indeed, you'll need to make a trek to the home-improvement store for all the materials, but the chic design and good sound quality means you'll … Continue along the line another 8 cm and mark, then 7mm and mark again this 7mm is the area where you will cut the first finger … For the full effect, have 30 first graders make them and impress their parents at assembly. This creates six marks for six finger holes. With your new straw flute, you are sure to razzle, dazzle, or at least mildly annoy those around you. person on May 23, 2018: this really helped me on my school project i got an A from it so thank you. Great job! The design results in a square shaped flute with a square bore. Instructions on How to Make a Flute. Between these two marks is where the wind-way will be cut out. Make a small mark for your first finger hole, then make five more marks below it, each 1 inch apart. These ideas for homemade musical instruments … It would make the tube … Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca.