Whether caused by degrading materials or invasive tree roots, this silent damage to the exterior portion of your plumbing system will need to be nipped in the bud. Get a new plumber, if he cant be bothered to fix the leak get rid! Go to My Project List Continue Shopping You are not logged in to save your list permanently. Looked at screwfix website for anti-vact trap, but they don't have Macalphine version. Kitchen sink has been a bit smelly and started to leak from the silentrap part of the trap. Conforms to BS EN 274-1:2002. Multifit connections suit all plastic waste pipes to BS EN 1451-1-2000 and BS EN 1329-1:2000, copper pipe (metric or imperial) and lead pipe. As with most projects, more pieces needs replacing. McAlpine WM11 Sink P Trap & Twin Nozzles - 38mm added to "My Project List". Manufactured in polypropylene. Manufacturers Code: SA10V Leaking sewer drains can also create sunken areas in the yard as the additional fluids cause the dirt around them to compact. Size: 1.25 inch. 32mm refers to the size of the OUTLET plastic waste water pipe. The moulded internal sleeve of the connection, centres and supports the pipe. They are pretty standard traps from a decent plumbing stockist if its the trap itself. Here's a picture Suffice it to say, I had to replace the entire assembly. The McAlpine 1 1/4 inch Resealing Bottle Trap is an alternative to an anti-syphon trap (otherwise known as silent trap) and may be used in similar circumstances. Anti-Syphon Valve neutralises negative symphonic pressure and eliminates gurgling. I just hope that the Wickes trap lasts as long at the old McAlpine that originally came off the basin. 75mm Water Seal Tubular Swivel Anti-Syphon (Silent rap) 'P' Trap with Universal Outlet. However, McAlpine 50mm water seal shower traps have flow rates varying from 20 to 50 litres per minute with a 15mm head of water over the waste outlet and when tested under controlled conditions. All traps meet the minimum requirements of BS EN 274-2:2002. Checked the pipe on the other side as there's a rinser, it was clogged so u cleaned that up too, still leaks. McAlpine A10V Anti-Syphon Bottle Trap. I cleaned the trap and waste pipe and tried it out, same thing. There is an additional connection at the top of the waste which I think is called a silent trap. I have found an image of it (see link below). It's 1.5 sink and now doubt if he had fitted correctly. Any ideas why it's started to do this and how to fix it please? It was 1/2 the price of the McAlpine, and there are no leaks. I replaced the sink flange and tail pipe and the P-Trap … I took the rubber flap out of this and cleaned it … I'm going to show you some pictures of the trap, to show if he had fitted right. But after dealing with a clog the corroded bottom of the P-Trap (which was made of chrome plated metal) broke and left a 1/2 inch long hole in it. I have a leak from the waste of my sink. Universal Compression Outlet suits all plastic, copper and lead pipe. It's a silent as the McAlpine. My bathroom sink is leaking through the little thingy at the top of the trap. The configuration of the discharge pipe work will also have some effect. Having looked further, it may be an antivac trap. Google McAlpine AA10 or A10A and that is the trap you should fit. Easy to measure those in inchs this is a 1 1/4 inch trap used for smaller basins Bear in mind that the basin fitting going into the top of this will be about 42mm outside diameter. I'm going to take the the McAlpine back for the third time and try and get my money back. It's anti siphon like the McAlpine. The multifit and friction washers ensure a secure seal is made between pipe and the wall of the fitting. 1 1/4" connection 75mm Water Seal I guess it's supposed to allow air in but it actually allows water out. Measuring that might lead you to conclude you need a 40mm / 1 /1/2 inch trap YOU DONT.