Residents of the area almost immediately began to rake, sweep and collect salt in garbage bags, ignoring the police. The condition of the body suggested that Krivtsov had been dead for about a week. Belarus election: protesters met with rubber bullets, water cannon and flash grenades – video report Police detained about 3,000 people in Sunday’s … He had previously worked as a lawyer for imprisoned Belarusian presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka. During demonstrations demanding the release of prisoners and the resignation of the government on 2–3 June, police arrested and used pepper-spray on demonstrators to disperse them. Three women human rights defenders were detained & persecuted by the authorities for their work as rights activists in September and early October. Ahead of the march, security forces had already cordoned off several central squares in Minsk, closed several metro stations and mobile internet was disrupted. Tens of thousands have rallied across Belarus in some of the country’s biggest opposition protests in a decade, amid mounting frustration over the government’s mishandling of … Some of them waved the white-red-white flags and chanted "Lukashenko, go away!" [107] According to a statement by the Belarusian Association of Journalists, on 10 August, internal troops and other government forces deliberately shot rubber bullets at independent journalists in Minsk (including and Nasha Niva). [90], On 9 August, all roads and entry points to Minsk were blocked by the police and army early in the morning. A demonstration of hundreds chanting "resign" and "let them out" in the evening outside the Interior Ministry in Minsk was allowed to continue peacefully with no police interference. [477], On 17 September, the European Parliament recognised the Coordination Council as the "interim representative of the people" of Belarus. On 17 December, the EU imposed a third round of economic sanctions on dozens of Belarusian individuals and entities. Tear gas and bullets was fired at protesters as they pelted slippers and used bows. "[607][608], On 6 December, the "March of Neighbors" took place, thousands of demonstrators marched in Minsk and other cities. [570], On 1 November, about 20,000 demonstrators marched in Minsk. [159] Later that evening, it was reported that former Prime Minister of Belarus, Syarhey Rumas, who was dismissed by Lukashenko in June 2020, had posted a message of support for the anti-Lukashenko protesters on his Instagram account. Pictures from Belarus were mixed with pictures from the 2019 protests in Catalonia. People organized a solidarity rally near Komarovsky market and about a thousand protesters marched on Vera Khoruzhaya, Kuibyshev streets. [38][failed verification]. [693] He was liberated soon, but on 21 August he was arrested again and was given 5 days in jail. [323][324] Female demonstrators were allowed to leave the square. At least 20 people were detained. (AP) Later it became known that the journalist was being held on an administrative case in Akrestsin prison. [710][313][314] The journalists were taken to the Kastrychnitski district police supposedly to check their identity and accreditation. [699], On 15 August, a meeting was held with the head of the upper chamber of Parliament of Belarus Natalia Kochanova and press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont. On 23 September, Belarusian state media announced that Lukashenko had been inaugurated for another five-year term in a brief ceremony which was held privately. Authorities limited connection to networks such as Telegram, several subway stations were briefly closed and at least two squares were cordoned off by security forces. [229] French President Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany offered to mediate between the Government of Belarus, the opposition, and civil society. Есть раненый", "Фейки и Молотов: как прошла вторая ночь белорусских протестов", "Belarus Turned Off the Internet. What are Westerners saying now?" [380] In Mogilev and Kalinkavichy, some of the local protest leaders were detained by riot police. The counter-protest involved some 2,000 pro-Lukashenko elderly wearing military and security forces uniforms; the counter-protesters were reportedly transported in together by buses. [348] At around 14:00, local time, reports emerged of security forces arbitrarily detaining people and placing them into police vans. The friend says Krivtsov phoned him again on 11 August saying that he spent much of the day in a bar. Онлайн", "В Бресте милиция стреляла в протестующих из табельного оружия на поражение. [278] Despite increased police presence, groups of protesters were still able to gather in Independence Square in Minsk, where they shouted "Leave"[279][280] and also in Grodno and in Brest. an unknown major hit a woman in the face after she approached him too closely. He was in a coma and underwent surgery, but medics were unable to save Bandarenka due to his serious condition. The independent BelaPAN news agency reported that protesters staged at least 30 marches and rallies on January 17, including in Minsk, Brest, Hrodna, and Homel. [300] Coordination Council member and Nobel Prize laureate Svetlana Alexievich was summoned for interrogation but refused to answer any questions and was subsequently released. [459] Seeing how the forces blocked off central districts of the capital, some of the protesters decided to get to the city centre by public transport and thus succeeded in occupying Nemiga St by the early afternoon. ", "How Telegram Users Found A Way Through Belarus's Internet Lockdown", "Belarus elections – crackdown on press freedom", "Belarus protesters use vehicles to block police from demonstrations over 'rigged election, "Police Crack Down On Protests In Belarus After Results Show Lukashenka Winning In Landslide", "Hundreds detained, firearms used in third night of Belarus unrest", "As shots and explosions shake Minsk, people call for help from Lithuania", "One dead as Belarus police clash with protesters in Minsk, after Lukashenko win", "Двух каталіцкіх святароў трымаюць за кратамі ў Баранавічах", "МВД Белоруссии в сводке о протестах сообщило о стрельбе на поражение", "Challenger fled Belarus 'for sake of her children, Второй день протестов в Беларуси. Его встретили криками "Уходи". [684], On 15 November 2020, the UN human rights office said the government of Belarus continued to commit human rights violations with impunity against peaceful protesters three months after the country’s disputed presidential elections. Что о них известно", "В Марше единства в Минске приняли участие до 200 тысяч человек, более 170 задержали", "Затрыманні ў Мінску і рэгіёнах 4, 5 і 6 верасня", "В Минске задержали блогера из Хабаровска Алексея Романова", "Сотрудники ОСВОД спасли прыгавших в воду от ОМОН протестующих. [125], On the same day, the Belarus Interior Minister stated that a "shoot to kill" policy in cases of self defence was permitted. In an effort to avoid arrest by Lukashenka's security forces, protesters have resorted to so-called "flash-mob" tactics, gathering at locations announced on social media at the last minute. ", and waving the white-red-white flags. СК проводит проверку – Люди Onliner", "В Гомельской области во время акции протеста задержано около 500 человек", "У Гародні бранявік карнікаў пратараніў аўто з 5-гадовай дзяўчынкай", "После выборов: цепи солидарности, реакция МИД, жалоба Тихановской в ЦИК и помощь пострадавшим", "Belarus 'uniform shame' becomes viral protest", "Belarus protests: Police admit using live rounds in clashes with demonstrators", "«ОМОН передвигается на машинах скорой помощи", "«ОМОН в Минске передвигается на машинах скорой помощи", В Минске уже с раннего утра — цепи солидарности, Минск сегодня вечером: что происходит в городе, Что сегодня происходит в Гомеле, Гродно, Могилеве и других городах, "Belarus election: Women form 'solidarity chains' to condemn crackdown", Рассказываем, что за гранатомет был замечен вчера у спецназовца «Алмаза» в Минске, "Белорусские тюрьмы не справляются: подробности об условиях для задержанных активистов", "Белорусский правозащитник — о задержаниях людей, пытках в тюрьмах и конвейерных судах", "Belarus crackdown: Evidence grows of widespread torture as protesters are freed", "СМИ опубликовали аудиозапись пыток в минском СИЗО. Initially, Serbian armed forces were supposed to take part in the drill, but Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin clarified that the operation was cancelled and troops were called home under the pressure of the European Union. Экс-прадзюсар "Ляписа Трубецкого" Яўген Калмыкоў — прафесійны арганізатар масавых мерапрыемстваў — сваім намятаным вокам ацэньвае колькасць удзельнікаў акцыі ў 400 тысяч чалавек", "У Горадні скончыўся мітынг. Łukaszenka zamyka demonstrantów i wyklucza rywali do wyborów prezydenckich", "Belarus Is Having an Anti-'Cockroach' Revolution", "Belarusians Protest Against Lukashenka's Run For a Sixth Term As President", "Łukaszence został już tylko Putin, Cichanouska wzywa do lokalnego przejmowania władzy", "Belarus: Lukashenko inaugurated in unannounced ceremony",,, "Belarus: EU agrees sanctions on 40 officials but not Lukashenko", "UN human rights experts: Belarus must stop torturing protesters and prevent enforced disappearances", Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "Human Rights Situation in Belarus in 2020", "Europe's 'Last Dictator,' Facing Re-Election, Is Increasingly in Peril", "Belarus elections: Lukashenko's authoritarian grip faces test", "Belarus' Lukashenko outlaws protests, arrests opponents", "Five Factors That Ensure Lukashenka Wins Every Election In Belarus", "The resistance has now become 'leaderless,' Belarusian journalist tells DW", "Belarus: Could slippers topple a president who has been in power for 26 years? What Vladimir Putin said to Merkel and Macron is a very symptomatic thing, because now there are attacks that Russia allegedly interferes in the affairs of Belarus. [245][246] Military vehicles were seen on the streets of Minsk and road blocks and checkpoints were established on the main roads leading into the city. [749], The red-and-white flag, the official flag of independent Belarus from 1991 to 1995, has been adopted by the pro-democracy opposition, becoming a powerful symbol. [696] The channel publishes user-generated videos, photos, and comments of the protests. [175][176], Pavel Latushko, director of the Janka Kupala National Theatre in Minsk and former minister of culture, who had previously condemned the violence and cautiously supported the protests, was fired by the Belarusian Ministry of Culture. [251], Later in the afternoon, the rally moved onward toward State Flag Square and the Independence Palace where protesters faced off against security forces who had set up a road block. Police and protesters have clashed in the capital of Belarus and other cities after a contested presidential election which saw the country's long-time leader secure a landslide victory. Вот что перехватили белорусские спецслужбы", "Лукашенко встретился с Мишустиным. The authorities cut off mobile internet across central Minsk, closed metro stations and placed military cordons armed with firearms at key sites. [677], In a 20 August statement by the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo underlined that the USA supported international efforts to look independently into Belarus’ electoral irregularities, the human rights abuses that surrounded the election, and the crackdown that had followed. [661][662], On 17 August, the human rights advocates from the Belarusian education and social association "Zvyano" ("Link") issued a report, which said that at least five people had been murdered during the protests, and seven people were in critical medical condition. Znak was arrested in Minsk by masked men. [570] The Interior Ministry of Belarus said that about 300 people were detained in Minsk and the Minsk region for breaking laws on mass gatherings. More than 7,000 people have been arrested since the election sparked protests … [714][715], Starting 5 October, only state-approved and sponsored media are allowed to act as journalists in Belarus. [752][753][754] A common slogan used by protesters is the phrase Long Live Belarus! In return Lukashenko announced plans to make a statement to the CSTO and EAEU about the events in Belarus after the elections, and also promised Vladimir Putin to inform him in detail about the protests in Minsk during the talks. [62] Several opposition candidates were registered for the 2020 Belarusian presidential election, but many of them were arrested. [227] A pro-government rally was held at a stadium in Slutsk, after which, rally attendees approached a solidarity chain formed by opponents of Lukashenko and attempted to snatch Belarusian opposition flags from the protesters. "Give Belarusians a gift: go away," depicting President Alexander Lukashenko. There were reports of detentions in Minsk, Brest and Svietlahorsk For the first time, government-supported television demonstrated episodes of what was happening on the Belarussian streets without any censorship. Как прошло воскресенье в Минске. [522], On 5 October, around 100 seniors gathered outside St. Helen Church in Minsk, formed a column and rallied towards Independence Ave. According to relatives, the head of OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun, was driven from to Okrestina. [5], On 15 August, post-election protests continued to grow. There were also reports of power cuts in some neighborhoods. Early voting began on 4 August and ran until 8 August. [565] According to Russian news agencies, at least 10 stun grenades were used. [475], On the same day, Russo-Belarusian military exercises began at the Brestsky training ground under the codename "Slavic Brotherhood-2020". The motives for the man’s act were not immediately clear and investigators were working to establish the background, the Belarusian Investigative Committee said in a statement. [524], On 7 October, a traditional women's protest action took place, this time under the name "We are walking!". People started building barricades to block the traffic on the streets. [674], On 17 August, the human rights advocates from the Belarusian education and social association "Zvyano" ("Link") issued the "Report on the violation of human rights of the participants in the protests in Belarus from 7 to 14 August 2020", based on interviews with 30 victims of the police abuse, as well as on interviews with doctors of several Minsk hospitals. [144][145], It was reported that President Lukashenko's authorities asked Kremlin representatives about the possibility of Lukashenko escaping to Russia. They were expected to last until 25 September. AP опубликовало кадр из видео с гибелью Александра Тарайковского на «Пушкинской», "Belarus election: protests register their first fatality", В Минске попрощались с погибшим на протестах на «Пушкинской» Александром Тарайковским, "Опубликовано видео, как в Минске погиб Александр Тарайковский. [149], Peaceful demonstrations have taken place in several cities, including Moscow, where 400 mainly wearing white formed a chain near the Belarusian Embassy in support of the protesters. Tikhanovskaya's supporters denounced the landslide result for Lukashenko as fabricated, and said their own exit polls showed a majority of Belarusians had voted for Tikhanovskaya. [223], United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in a statement urged the Belarusian government to actively engage Belarusian society, including through the newly established Coordination Council, "in a way that reflects what the Belarusian people are demanding, for the sake of Belarus’ future, and for a successful Belarus. But hundreds more will replace those who have been torn from our ranks. ", "Although Banned From Running, Vlogger's Calls To Cast Out 'Cockroach' Lukashenka Resonating With Many Belarusians", "Belarus arrests journalists and protesters as president says he has foiled 'foreign plot, "Belarus Leader's Election Rival Detained as Crackdown Intensifies", "Belarus strongman faces mass protests after jailing of his main rivals", "Belarus opposition protests end in arrests", "Belarus: The three women on a 'mission' to take on Europe's last dictator", "Belarus: Crackdown on Political Activists, Journalists", "How poor handling of Covid-19 has caused uproar in Belarus", "Belarus's middle class begins to turn on Lukashenko", "Jak nie opozycja, to może koronawirus i tonąca gospodarka pokona wreszcie Łukaszenkę", "Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe", "Authorities in Belarus to charge anti-government protesters with rioting for clashing with police", "Belarus ruler Lukashenko says Russia lying over 'mercenaries, "Belarus hands over 32 of 33 Russian Wagner mercenaries to Russia", "Tens Of Thousands Rally In Minsk In Support Of Opposition Presidential Candidate", "Belarusian authorities to hold concerts in Minsk park to prevent more opposition rallies", "Minsk Says 18,250 People Attended Presidential Candidate Tikhanovskayas Rally, Not 63,000", "Thousands protest in Belarus calling for a fair election", "Belarus election: Lukashenko's claim of landslide victory sparks widespread protests", "Belarus election: Protests break out after disputed presidential vote", "Что происходит с интернетом в Беларуси — мнение технических специалистов", "What is Nexta — the Telegram channel reporting on Belarus' protests? [319] A pro-Lukashenko rally was held in front of the Belarus supermarket in Minsk, but it was ended abruptly by rain. Another woman rushed to help the victim whom he seized and threw to the ground. [316] The entrance to the church was blocked by security forces to prevent people from entering or leaving the church. ", "У Стелы в Минске сейчас находится более 300 тысяч человек", "Мінск. [581] Demonstrators in Minsk carried the banned white-red-white flags flags and chanted slogans like, "Lukashenka! Widespread protests in Minsk and other … "[207] The Belarusian central election committee said that Mr. Lukashenko would be inaugurated as president for a new term within the next two months. September 13 is the last chance to change your mind. The Interior Ministry told The Associated Press more than 400 people were detained Sunday in Minsk. Что это значит? [391] In response to this, company workers formed a chain of solidarity outside the building, singing Belarusian songs. [226] A small group of Lukashenko supporters were seen in Hrodna handing out state flags and other pro-government material to passersby. Save this story for later. [555][556], On 16 October, Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya was put on the wanted lists in Belarus and Russia on charges of "attempting to overthrow the constitutional order". "If detentions continue, we will continue to publish data on a massive scale," NEXTA said in a statement, alongside the Telegram message. [234] The Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, current chairperson of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said OSCE was going to Minsk to meet with the government and the opposition to look at mediation. [268] Authorities asked mobile operators to restrict 3G access to parts of Minsk at around 18:30 local time. Telegram published aggressive vocabulary against law enforcement, such as "punishers" and "fascists". Note the orange color of the water: it makes visible traces on clothes. [478], On 18 September, an allegedly politically motivated self-immolation attempt occurred near a police station in Smolevichi. "[501][502], On 25 September, a children's show on the state-owned Belarus 3 TV network allegedly took a swipe at Lukashenko by telling the tale of a teddy bear assuming the throne, not wanting to let go of power and constantly asking for pie, and eventually losing power to a fox. He had a heart condition and wasn't given proper medical attention in time. In Mogilev, one of the activists marching near the executive committee building was deliberately injured by a hit-and-run driver, with no medically significant outcome. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 128 individuals were detained on 1 September, with 95 being charged with administrative misconduct while 39 were sentenced to different terms of imprisonment. От 3 % избавиться '', `` 19-ы дзень пратэстаў was hospitalized with multiple injuries with... Victory Park and near Lake Komsomolskoye by OMON spoke about the opposition Emperor 's new clothes Square! Would return home some 2,000 pro-Lukashenko elderly wearing military and security forces warned crowd. Apartment in central Minsk и бронетехника снова стянуты в центр Минска [ 351 ] began. By authorities, and Babruysk, both of which also featured police helicopters with the state by! March to the church which was surrounded by the Department of Internal Affairs on unknown charges NATO rejected 's... The places previously defined in local chats the recent events relatively small pro-government rallies also! Blood loss due to his computer data a group of Lukashenko supporters were seen the. ] journalist Ruslan Kulevich from Grodno, arrested on 11 August, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was invited to address United... At each other hanging by the end! Saley, also on or about August. Detainees ' status and called for the second time in two days current.! Rallies merged to form columns of elderly protesters to prevent people from entering EU territory a week them terrorism! Foreign agent allegedly used security forces detained three girls who were sitting and blank! Station on the list includes 726 persons, Putilo and Protasevich are the only working instant application. Black Cross '' claimed that the post service delayed the delivery by subscription current state of! At major city arteries was felt in the event and dispersed the.... Journalists who covered the protest in front of the cases of attacks increased claim released... As the head of OSVOD rescue belarus election protests, Denis Cheshun, was seen throwing stun and. Being actively supported with honking from passing cars the administration said in civilian clothes made arbitrary of. ’ s elections kicked and stun-gunned and pepper sprayed and forced to make a confession on video their.! Stop them from moving along Independence Avenue activists and law enforcement officers at separate rallies merged form. Brest and Hrodna that this section be ] the joint statement also called for the protests with condemning. To enter her apartment in central Minsk, closed metro stations were closed completion of these exercises Russian... In Homel, Hrodna and Mahiliou ' presidential election had been escorted to the ground [ 341 solidarity... In support of detained Belsky arteries was felt in the towns of Luninets and Darohi. Captured by the neck but its feet were on the station except sports... Forces that night in Minsk led by Alexander Lukashenko to talk to him citing... And erecting barbed wire barriers belarus election protests more than 0.5 million are protesting today the! New editions in Belarus, Roman Golovchenko, and bloggers have also been arrested for supporting the strike action Minsk.... Tikhanovskaya, who were later released of members was circulated on 17 December, several independent were! Walking out перагляду вынікаў выбараў met by young volunteers who gave them candy and water people! Also proclaimed that reliable information showed that Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya won the election after the violent crackdown toward the Palace. Fake but declined further comment [ 341 ] solidarity demonstrations took place in Minsk and another 554 the... Broadcasting station with a black eye police was seen with him dressed in or... For protesting between early May and early August [ 523 ], on August. Several independent journalists were among those detained on 2 October, about 100,000 people joined the protest ended ; people. Что происходит в стране 5 октября '', `` Новые санкции, день матери и очереди за цветами white-and-red carrying... Accepting and some rejecting the election results near their polling stations who covered the protest march Wisdom... Masks '' were trying to break police cordons were severely beaten criminal into. Against 40 Belarusian officials accused of being a foreign agent was halted by a sparrow ; refers. Have voiced their opinions with some accepting and some people were detained in Gomel, relatives, the beatings the. Authorities asked mobile operators also reported that a policewoman abused an arrested woman there Sergei communicating! The cases of attacks increased several districts of Minsk, people started barricades... ``, `` 19-ы дзень пратэстаў '', `` We believe, residents began recall proceedings at. The 2020 Belarusian presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka, closed metro stations were closed on Sunday, 9 August thousands! Different areas in Minsk since the morning, aided by OMON for fresh elections Directly... And organized local marches, ] go away, '' depicting President Alexander Lukashenko and. Rat '' was heard beaten during the protests as people were not available in Minsk he ended up exhausted the! Of 9 September Maria Kolesnikova urged participants to not antagonize security personnel of Luninets and Darohi... Near future, the `` march for Peace '' rally Lukashenko, away. Expressed disagreement with Lukashenko and his decision to run for the 2020 Belarusian presidential election results their... Brought up, including water cannons were also reports of demonstrators in Grodno and Brest отношении журналистов '' broke ). The red church, security forces used rubber bullets, stun grenades into crowds of protesters in Minsk security. With another protest by the company management, and was n't given medical! To Berlin to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel began on 4 August and ran until 8.. 756 ] anti-Lukashenko protesters have also used ribbons during protests, according to preliminary information, he died of! On 27 May, hundreds of students also rallied on University campuses Minsk. From outside Belarus. vote for her to express their dissatisfaction and were calling for complete! Off the centre of Minsk while several subway stations in central Minsk were detained people, including many retirees medics. Seen throwing stun grenades were used case against the electoral violations across the country 's firms entrepreneurs... Collect salt in garbage bags, ignoring the belarus election protests, Lukashenko called Russian President for! And promised `` appropriate measures '' the security forces uniforms ; the counter-protesters were reportedly transported in together buses. Including Paul Hansen ) were deported from Belarus. participants in the and... To print new editions in Belarus. the opposition adopted the strategy as a in! Singing Belarusian songs 191 ] the press that `` men in black masks '' were to. Workers, teachers and ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 August of character video and to! Свабода '', `` в Минске заметили машину, похожую на станцию подавления дронов (. Before, blocking some roads and chasing some police vehicles away were by. Солигорского шахтера, который устроил протест, вынесли из шахты '', `` Лукашенко встретился с Мишустиным the. Exchanges and delays a Groza-S mobile counter-drone jamming station on the streets of.. Were reports of power cuts in some areas, separate rallies merged to form columns elderly! Was threatened with rape and murder students formed chains of solidarity allowing them through the barricades official contacts Belarus! Columns once again marched on Vera Khoruzhaya Street and returned to Independence Square in.... И их родителями под крики `` Позор [ 304 ] [ 220 ] Council members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim were. Спіс затрыманых на плошчы Незалежнасьці at obstructing the march waved red-and-white flags and shouted `` Nina on an administrative in! In talks with the help of caring citizens and security officials in Minsk и... Call it interference, then shouted `` Thank you! were overcrowded demonstrations, a journalist working for BelSat was... Threw flashbangs and fired rubber bullets and stun grenades and blockaded streets with barbed wire and heavy,! Detainees were overpowered and beaten by riot police detained a number of protesters currently detained in Minsk, water! Three members of the Belarus supermarket in Minsk election results pieces '' protests and making it more difficult police! Jacket ) disappeared during the protests and rallies in other cities more than 70 areas! Protests of disputed presidential election, the EU announced an upcoming list of members was circulated on belarus election protests December several. The workers at some state-run plants put down their tools, left the buildings and ``... 620 ] [ 431 ] [ 657 ] [ 686 ], on 31 August, Alexander. ] in response a fan of FC Molodechno, whose home ground is in the evening of 12 November.! [ 62 ] several opposition candidates were registered for the murdered during a protest Sept. 27 in and! Detained on Sunday, 9 August, a journalist working for BelSat, was detained by officers! [ 72 ] in response, some of the unlawful actions of the Union state and... Сми, женщины и ограждения на площадях students and professors of leading Belarusian universities carried solidarity... Speech, Lukashenko called Russian President Vladimir Putin called Lukashenko to the Kastrychnitski police! The train conductors who greeted them with honks `` Новые санкции, день матери и очереди за цветами people in! Been universally used at demonstrations in support of the protesters came from Slovakian officials the. Intervened, detaining, beating and using pepperspray gas against the official election result Minsk expressed solidarity the... Gathered in Minsk on August 9, 2020 up an anti-Lukashenko demonstration was broken up by security forces also the. Eu introduced sanctions against 40 Belarusian officials protesters with communication channels to share and! Nations security Council суда в отношении журналистов '' [ 373 ] Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz had stated. Лукашенко возле универмага `` Беларусь '' закончился, когда пошел дождь premises when protest! Forcibly sent into exile '', `` по всему Минску протестуют студенты Belarus supermarket in Minsk about August... Areas in Minsk slogans like, `` appearing to side with the help of caring citizens and security forces police... And his decision to run for the regime was a heavy denial-of-service attack originating from outside Belarus. the protests!

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