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A Course in DIY Happiness

A Course in DIY Happiness





DIY Happiness


Since the first DIY Happiness workshops in 2009, more than 400 people have taken part.  It’s been so popular that in July 2015, we launched the Wheel of Wellbeing website to make some of our tried and tested DIY Happiness resources freely available further afield.  (We’ve been working locally with the SLaM Recovery College, nationally with Kent County Council and internationally with Wollongong University and Queensland Mental Health Commission in Australia to incorporate the WOW framework into a range of services and organisations)

We have a number of requests to run our 8 week DIY happiness programme again on a pay per place basis.  


Each week builds on the last helping you explore some of the key concepts of positive psychology and their importance to human flourishing   


You’ll learn about food and mood, how to cope with stress, happy activities that are good for health and the wheel of well-being framework (WoW for short) (


You’ll discover how the wheel is being used - from West Norwood in London to Wollongong University in Australia, and how you can use it yourself


You’ll try out some practical tools including the DIY Happiness game


You’ll experiment by sharing ideas and learning with others


You’ll be supported to apply in your own communities and workplaces


Please click on the links below to the overview and flyer and feel free to circulate to people and organisations who you think maybe interested.   For more information please contact 






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