Current 504 Loan Rates: 10 Year: 20 Year: 25 Year: ... SBA Share of Project Cost: Administrative Costs: 504 Loan Fees: Total Debenture Amount: Balance to Borrower: Bank Participation Fee: Debt Service: Payment: Monthly Payment. Check this box if you are a manufacturer, or if the project will incorporate green energy savings. But your credit score can impact your rate. The rate is then fixed for the term of the loan. Enter your project cost and loan rates to determine your estimated monthly payments. 504 Loan Calculator You can get a brief review of your project utilizing 504 financing by inserting your estimated project costs into the blanks below. The SBA sets standard, fixed rates for the CDC portion of the loan and a list of fees associated with 504 loans, along with when they are due, can be found here . Projects with the the Pace & Flex Pace programs are still structured like an SBA 504 loan, but with these programs, you get the opportunity to buy down the interest rate that applies to the 504 lender's portion of the loan. Hit “print” to produce a printable version. *SBA 504 rate: Determined on a monthly basis at the time of debenture sale and FIXED for the term of the loan. SBA 504 loan interest rates are actually composed of two different interest rates—the rate on the CDC portion of the loan and the rate on the bank portion of the loan. Unlike other SBA loans, the SBA 504 loan program offers lower up-front fees and fixed interest rates, a huge bonus given the recent trend of rising interest rates. As with your interest rate, your loan term will depend on the type of SBA loan you get. If you need to calculate payments for an SBA 504 loan… Loan structure illustrates financing for … CDC Processing Fees totaling 1.5% are eliminated on loans approved between 12/27/2020 and 9/30/2021. please contact an ISCDC representative at (317) 844-9810 or email: to further discuss your project details. In addition to the standard 504 loan program, the SBA also now offers the 504 refinancing program. 504 fees* are to 2.65% of the 504 loan Subscribe. This calculator is for estimating purposes ONLY. Bank Loan: ISCDC Loan: Use our SBA 504 Loan Calculator to determine the SBA 504 Loan Amount, Bank Loan amount, Down Payment and Total Project Cost. Is the company less than 2 years old? Those are some stellar rates. The rate on the SBA 504 portion is set when the SBA sells the debenture to fund the loan. SBA Rate is FIXED at the time of the debenture sale. 7 Payments are calculated off of the SBA loan amount plus SBA fees If you are human, leave this field blank. monthly loan payments with potential buyers in seconds. SBA is providing debt relief to existing SBA loan borrowers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we just told you, your loan term length will affect the SBA rate you get. SBA 7(a) Loan Calculator A small business loan, like the SBA 7(a) loan, can be exactly the nudge you need to grow your organization -- but no matter how you spin it, borrowing for your business is a big decision. Small business financing for commercial real estate is our specialty. For business acquisition, goodwill, working capital, or inventory financing, visit our SBA 7 (a) Loan Calculators. TMC at 415.989.8855 or (function(){var ml="ia%t04ofm.gnc",mi="0;7625438<70;1;<0;:9<68",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j