Our insulation bags are made from toughest materials to prevent rips and tears.

Visit us for insulation equipment rental to install energy-efficient insulation inside your home to save money while saving the environment at the same time. We then use either a contact vacuum or reverse air vacuum. Home; Rent; Order Now! $22.95 * Prices are subject to change. Radiant Barrier / Attic Area. Commercial Vacuum Rental Ohio. Gradually pull the vacuum toward you as it sucks up the insulation. It may not be a pleasant job, but our industrial vacuum and huge vacuum bags turn a horrible, filthy chore into a routine cleaning job. Toggle navigation. Expand your contractor based tool rental business with Meyer insulation removal vacuums and blowing machine. Daily $24. Rental Rates. Home; Rent; 12 Gallon HEPA Vacuum; Rental Price: $25. When comparing prices on insulation vacuum rentals in Hollister, San Jose and Salinas, ask about sales tax and environmental fees. Attic flooring will pay for itself by saving on storage unit rental fees, as well as the added value to your home. Expand your contractor based tool rental business with Meyer insulation removal vacuums and blowing machine. Weekly $68 $ 17.00 – $ 68.00 More Info; INSULATION BLOWER W/100′ HOSE. RATE: FIBERGLASS. Attic cleaning in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, West Palm ~SERVING MOST AREAS IN FLORIDA~ SOUTH FLORIDA (954) 670-3334. I didn’t really want to do this project and was ready to pay someone a lot of $ to do it but as with most contractors they never would call me back. If you choose loose fill insulation, you’ll need to rent a machine to install it. Party Rentals West Ohio Bringing quality equipment & tool rentals, new equipment sales, contractor supplies, truck rentals, and repair services to Northeast Ohio in Cleveland, Chagrin Falls, Cleveland Heights, Eastlake, Elyria, Lakewood, Lorain, Mayfield, Painesville, and Brunswick. Since any air going through the system has … This being a very efficient vacuum which will except many various types of materials, is the choice for contractors of all sizes as well as home owner do it you're selfers! If you have roll or bat type of insulation these can be rolled up placed in large trash bags and removed. Go to next page. 4 hours $34.50. We will suck old fiberglass insulation from your attic along with any rat and mouse poop and other nasty stuff up in your ceiling. Another option for loose insulation removal is to rent a HEPA filtered industrial vacuum. None of the local rental centers have an insulation vacuum (about $2200 new). Some rental facilities will deliver the blower. Rental yards tend to offer higher rates, with half-day rentals being low value. MEYER. We offer equipment rentals for dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, sump pumps, mobile furnaces, portable heaters, blow-in insulation removal vacuum, and power distribution boxes. After cleaning is compete the technician will use a Hepa Vacuum to clean up. Use the 6-inch, 150-foot flexible vacuum hose to draw the insulation from the attic into large bags for disposal. Sunbelt Rentals Command Center helps you manage your equipment rental needs . Insulation Vacuum-15Hp Cat-Class: 38-70. Two-stage, 2HP commercial grade bypass motor. This HEPA vacuum cleaner can remove traces of mold, allergy-causing dust and more. Material intended for recycling can be conveyed directly to your spraying machine for reuse. Sanitizing & Decon. VACUUM , HYDRO-VAC, WET OR DRY. As your business grows, so does our rental fleet. Skip the middle-man, the Pest Control company, the Energy Efficiency or HVAC Contractor and go straight to the source. The Versa-Vac is designed for fast, removal of blown-in insulation as well as fire, water and smoke damaged insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces. 285 LBS. VANTAGE-VAC. The contact vacuum consist of us using a devise to agitate and vacuum the lines to remove debris. Daily $57.50. Clean attic after raccoons, rats, water, or old, dirty, smelly, stinky attics. This line of aerial, earthmoving, lifting and general construction equipment rentals is built to endure the rugged demands and conditions of commercial and facilities maintenance work. Navigate. Could I rent a drum type insultaion blower from Lowes, make a (sealed) lid with a pick-up hose and use that as a vacuum / blower? Commercial vacuums can be rented for 1-2 days, 1 wk or 1 mo durations. 5. Daily $17. Attic Cleaning Services - The type of material you use is up to you. Nationwide Restoration Equipment Rental Service. The second step is the routing of the insulation through the hose and directly into a trash container or large bags located outside. Save Additional 20 to 30% Monthly. We do not charge sales tax on rental items. Satisfaction guaranteed with all our products. ELECTRIC. 4 Hour Daily Weekly 28 Days; N/A: 350.00: 1,400.00: 4,200.00: Product Description. Animals are carriers of all kinds of diseases, and can cause many types of infections. Clean your site and remove particulates from the air with this industrial vacuum cleaner. INSULATION VACUUM. A contaminated attic may have a strong odor, and may be hazardous to ones health. Where is the cheapest place to rent an insulation vacuum for removal?. The lid hose would suck up the insulation and it would be blown out the normal hose. 4. These high-powered vacuums do two jobs. Rental yard value spikes sharply on a weekly rental basis, but still nowhere approaching home improvement store rates. Weekly $96 $ 24.00 – $ 96.00 More Info; VACUUM, WET – FLOOD PUMPER. We’ve rolled out new pro-quality equipment for large-scale jobs that are now available in select markets. Removing attic insulation is a dirty and unpleasant job. Insulation Removal Vacuum. We have state of the art equipment to vacuum your attic clean. Pullman-Holt 102ASB-12PD 12 Gallon HEPA Vacuum Rental Near Me. Go to previous page. Once the insulation has been removed, or if there was no insulation to begin with, we will vacuum the floor of the entire attic using a 23-HP Commercial Vacuum. 1. *Please note - We offer $100 discount for bundling services, such as attic ladder and attic flooring. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Attic Insulation Vacuum Rental City of Toronto 15/12/2020. START. This HEPA vacuum's water tank can store up to 6.6 gallons and store up to 88 lbs.

The most common sources of loss are attics, windows, doors, walls and floors. Meyer portable removal vacuums and insulation machines are designed for easy customer setup, use and takedown. Be sure to wear good respirator, safety glasses and preferably a disposable jump suit. Daily Rate $243.00 Weekly Rate $551.00 Monthly Rate $1,326.00 Specifications* MAKE. Insulation removal vacuum for animal infested or wet insulation , smoke and fire damage. Daily rates available.

Make sure you click on the links that You are interested in . Some attic spaces are very small and tight, finding creative ways to maneuver the vacuum inside the attic will go a long way. 14HP ROBIN SUBARU. Daily $50. Installing a combo Radiant Barrier and Blown Insulation can decrease bills significantly. Rent pressure washers, extension ladders, heaters, insulation blowers & more at a reasonable rates at the Home Depot Canada. Weekly $230 $ 34.50 – $ 230.00 More Info; FOAM RUBBER CUTTER, ELECTRIC. Rent a powerful HEPA-filter insulation removal vacuum from an equipment rental yard. The most important consideration is … 310-989-5946; 12 Gallon HEPA Vacuum. So that isn't cost effective either. Please note that all Monthly Rates are for 28 days with a maximum of 160 hours. This is not our first Rodeo! Compare Click to add item "Krendl™ Insulation Blower (4-Hour Base Rental)" to the compare list. From our small mobile attic bag to our huge trailer bag, we have the insulation removal bag for your next attic restoration job. Attic Vacuum Insulation Removal in Austin, Texas. If you rent today, you … * Please call us with any questions about … INSULATION VACUUM BAG. When price is your driving factor for purchasing new rental equipment, Meyer makes it easy to get your money back quickly. Choose Lowe's to help you properly insulate your home. Applications; Removing blown-in insulation ; Specifications: Meyer Machine GJR300 Insulation Vacuum; Airflow : 1,500 CFM @ 14" W.C. Material Handling : 2,880 Lbs. Its hose can run up to 16' long to maximize efficiency. Ontario Locations . Fiberglass insulation is a bear to work with and you will itch all over when you’re done. Loose fill (blown-in insulation) is best for tight spaces or if your attic already has a layer of insulation that just needs to be topped off. MOTOR. DIM (LXWXH) 3'4"X 2'7"X 3'11" WEIGHT . Wet insulation will start to grow mold. Insulation Vacuum Bags; Disposable Coveralls; Popular Brands. After the insulation has been removed and the attic has been clean we'll sanitize the attic by use of a fogger to cover all the surfaces in the attic with a family-friendly sanitizer. LimeLite offers restoration equipment rentals for water, mold, and fire restoration in Vermont and New Hampshire. INSULATION VACUUM RENTALS. Sku # 5760190. 6024 LBS/HR *The above specs are approximate.

Clean attic after raccoons, rats, water, or old, dirty, smelly, stinky attics. POLICIES; CONTACT US; Sitemap; Categories. Rental Prices Day: $250 Week: $650 The Colonel Insulation Vacuum The Colonel Insulation Vacuum is a versatile vacuum with enough power to pull insulation, rock wool, cellulose, or gutter leaves through 250 ft. of hose. Our portable insulation removal vacuums compact wheel design allows for close placement to the removal area, resulting in shorter hoses and reserving the power of the Meyer insulation removal vacuums to efficiently move hard-to-handle material. Radiant Barrier / Underfloor. We offer blown-in insulation services and delivery to meet your home insulation needs. Do it yourself and save, machine come with 150 ft of suction hose. 25' x 6" INSULATION VACUUM HOSE. 4199 LBS/HR. Available in Akron, Cleveland, Toledo & Columbus. Call / TXT: 310-989-5946. RATE: CELLULOSE. Water Damage Insulation. Attic Vacuum Insulation Removal in Austin, Texas. Storms and roof leaks are two of the major reasons for water damage in your attic. Insulation Removal Click here to see. If anything goes wrong with your Insulation Removal Vacuum Rental Rental, we guarantee a working replacement on-site within hours. Equipment Protection Plan always optional but not included in these prices. Learn more on our website. MODEL. Actual specs vary by individual unit. Call Now to get Your Special pricing on a Combo Package! A reverse air technique is a high-power vacuum that can remove debris with minimal agitation. We will suck old fiberglass insulation from your attic along with any rat and mouse poop and other nasty stuff up in your ceiling. The insulation removal vacuum is designed for fast removal of wet or dry. Each removal vacuum outlet can be configured to discharge directly into a reusable/disposable collection bag, a Dumpster or roll-off. Air seal gasket between motor … This type of vacuum will minimize the dust in the house. It is very important that you are properly trained when using this equipment. If the attic insulation is wet it needs to be removed. First, the machine sucks up the loose insulation. Add To List Click to add item Krendl™ Insulation Blower (4-Hour Base Rental) to your list. of dust to reduce the number of times the operator has to stop and empty the tanks. Hence my question. Price includes all labor and material necessary for the completion of the job. Ancaster 100 Portia Drive Ancaster, ON L9G 0G1 Phone: (905) 304-7507 SEE STORE DETAILS Barrie 71 Bryne Dr Barrie, ON L4N 8V8 Phone: (705) 797-5030

With a broad range of tools and equipment, our team has everything you need to get the job done. If the attic is not large enough for a person to move around, try tying a rope to the vacuum. It may not be a pleasant job, but our industrial vacuum and huge vacuum bags turn a horrible, filthy chore into a routine cleaning job. Job Site Cleanup. Get Onsite Equipment Delivery 24 / 7 / 365.

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