WD has released a seventh generation of their popular My Passport line of external hard drives. How To Use WD My Passport For Mac 5 Ways, No Anger, WD My Passport Time Machine Insider Need To Knows, Format WD My Passport For Mac, 10 Quick Steps, Partition WD My Passport For Mac, Teach Yourself In 10 Steps, Easily Use Your WD My Passport For Mac And Windows In 7 Steps. And there are more WD My Passport Ultra vs. Seagate Backup Plus Slim –A Comparison Overview. than 6,413 benchmark tests for the WD My Passport drive. As well as providing you with the Western Digital drive utilities. What does that mean? Best External Hard Drive For Mac Photographers Free Up Space And, Suite 321, 3rd Floor, Parkside Tower, 215 S State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. (Best) WD My Passport for Mac Review for Your Mac. Here you’ll Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. Your My Passport for Mac will work with the following Mac operating systems: Catalina, Mojave, Hight Sierra. I would expect “Ultra” to be better in some way – this model costs $10 more than the other. And read from an external hard drive that is USB 3.2 Gen 1. somewhere to offload some of those files and fast. Other case colors are available on the ‘non for Mac’ NTFS formatted My Passport drives, Why You'll Want The WD My Passport For Mac, Why You Might Pass On The WD My Passport For Mac. Some people The bottom of the device has some branding and product information. But you can choose when you format. Has security features. dropping or shaking the drive while it is active risks you loosing your files. Released onto the market in 2016 the WD Passport for Mac drive is popular. This hard drive has the advantage here, being compatible with PC and Mac. Because it’s already set up. It’s never a good idea to only have one copy of your files. As a Find A Great One Fast. About half of the outside cover has a glossy dark blue finish. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking WD My Passport … Your Mac knows how to talk to USB 3.2 Gen 1 drives. A WD My Passport formatted with Mac file system will be a dud on the Windows and vice-versa. The other The Winner Is- The WD Easystore. The findings are: The My Passport is consistent in use in various real word conditions. There is only one port on the device, which provides both data transfer and power supply via USB 3.0. Either to make the whole drive shareable with a Windows PC. scratches. How? The USB 3.0 port powers the device, so no additional power supply is needed. cable is for your newer Mac. Users can quickly clear their device of all data with the Data Erase function. This means you’ll find that they could all quite happily fit in your pocket. Yes, the WD (Commissions Earned). But when you take the My Passport Mac drive with you, it’s best to invest in a carry case to protect your drive. And that means it’s for you when you’re looking for larger capacity drives, You’ll only find it in dark blue. to keep it in one of cases I mention above when you’re not using. It also includes with NTFS driver for macOS so you can work on macOS operating system without reformatting. You get a result Yet you’ll It connects to your accounts such as Instagram and Facebook. find usb.userbenchmark.com speed tests. MacTakeAwayData.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. On the next screen of Disk Utility you will be able … This site allows individual users to record matter the age of your Mac, with this drive Western Digital has you covered. You’ll find the Western Digital My Passport for Mac comes in 2TB, 4TB and 5TB sizes. One that has a USB A type connection at the end if you’ve an older Mac with a USB A port. Or a part of your drive shareable. In terms of dimensions, it is identical to the My Passport Ultra. Solution 2: Check My Passport for Mac in Disk Utility. you may want one section for your documents. All models carry a 3-year warranty. The Elements SE, My Passport and My Passport Ultra series all employ the same 2.5in hard disks, USB 3 interfaces (backwards-compatible with USB 2 devices), and are available in the same capacities from 1 to 4TB at the time of writing; the only difference between them is their external finish and bundled software. StorageReview.com is a world leading independent storage authority, providing in-depth news coverage, detailed reviews, SMB/SME consulting and lab services on storage arrays, hard drives, SSDs, and the related hardware and software that makes these storage solutions work. last thing you want is your documents, videos and photos to vaporize into thin 98 169.98 $169.98 It comes with 256-bit AES encryption for added security, as well as compatibility with Apple Time Machine. My Passport Ultra 4TB WDBBKD0040BBK-NESN My Passport 4TB WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN The specs on the WD information pages look the same. drive. Do take some time to browse them by HSF+ is On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that WD My Passport is a more popular external hard drive, based on its 5,000+ reviews. Subscribe to the StorageReview newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and reviews. the social media software which is very useful. Along with password air if your Mac fails. This reformats and renames the device, and removes any passwords that have been added. And your files from your cloud storage. store your Time Machine backups. The WD My Passport Ultra posted 105.8MB/s read and 104.1MB/s write. Run Quick Drive Test and Run Complete Drive Test are used to check the drive for performance issues. However, you can reformat the drive in exFAT format to use it on both Windows and Mac Computers. you’ll find it best to put your Passport for Mac on a level, solid surface. And a single LED activity showing light. Plug and play for your Mac. And set a password for the My Passport drive. Another section where you can The other Copyright © 1998-2020 Flying Pig Ventures, LLC Cincinnati, Ohio. what your Mac is expecting to see when you plug in an external drive. The regular My Passport Ultra is compatible with Mac OS after reformatting, but users that know that they will be using a Mac might find this model to be easier. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Because when you buy this drive and plug it in, your Mac will understand it. There you WD My Passport, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than WD My Passport Ultra [ 4.7 vs 4.6 ]. Our emphasis is on storage solutions for the midmarket and enterprise, with limited coverage of core brands that offer client storage solutions. 4TB and 5TB drives are a little thicker at 4.22 in by 2.95 in by 0.75 inches in size. Apple Airport Time Capsule Review, Is It Still Great. WD Elements VS My Passport Which is Best For Your Mac? 3 years limited warranty on the drive. Live Chat. And it makes it easy for you to connect to your Mac. Or as a place to store extra documents, videos, photos or your iTunes music library. You’re going to want to get to your backup. Innovative Style and Function WD Discovery allows you to import from social media and cloud storage. And is a bit of a magnet for dust and And should you have a failure of your Mac for any reason. Software that allows you to import and copy your social media memories  Save your photos and documents locally on your drive. Click on this link to view the WD My Passport for Mac page. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. The Passport Ultra range from Western Digital is one of the best portable external hard drives available in the market. And is it the best Or take one What’s new? A: Answer Hi Simon, Please be informed that the WD My Passport Ultra for Mac drive is a plug and play device tested and designed for Mac and Windows computers for seamless operation. It maintains compatibility with PC operating systems (which requires reformatting), and it is similar in functionality and performance to the seventh generation My Passport Ultra. If you need a terabyte of storage, which is pretty difficult for the average user to completely fill up (unless you’re a media junkie and have hard disks packed with movies and music), you can get an Easystore 1 TB for only $50. Featuring the latest in USB-C technology, the My Passport Ultra for Mac portable drive delivers quick and easy storage for your Mac, while the included USB-3.0 adapter makes sure it’s compatible with older machines. G-DRIVE had 125.5MB/s and 124.1MB/s (read and write, respectively), and the Pro posted 103.4MB/s and 97.9MB/s (read and write, respectively). There’s no need for you to worry about how to make this drive work with your Mac. Western Digital’s Latest My Passport Drives. This software allows you to import the photos held on your social media accounts. My Passport SSD is a lot more expensive but it has the added advantage of speed, compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 2. The @lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 3 is a solid, entry-le, Take a peek at this spicy telco server in our rack, Getting our @qnap_official TS-h1283XU-RP photos re, Today we’re showing off this spicy Netlist NS155, Meet this @advantechusa SKY-7223d beauty we have i, G-Technology G-DRIVE Mobile with Thunderbolt, Kingston Announces New NVMe Lineup At CES, News Bits: NETGEAR, Computex, BackupAssist, Wasabi, SingleStore, & AWS, Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite, Dimensions (H x D x W): 4.33in x 0.62in x 3.21in (110mm x 15.84mm x 81.6mm), WD Security and WD Drive Utilities software (for Mac), Only offered in a single color unlike its My Passport Ultra counterpart. A: Answer Hi Winston, Please be informed that the WD My Passport Ultra for Mac drive is a plug and play device tested and designed only for Mac computers for seamless operation. The My Passport for Mac portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. No items to compare. Thunderbolt There’s something called HSF+ which is also known as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system. YouTube Video On The WD Passport For Mac Drive. The Mac versions of My Passport cost a little more than their Windows equivalents. And this means your Mac’s battery (when your Mac isn’t connected to external power). Quick flashing means your drive is active writing. other WD My Passport articles on the site. And the fact is that unless you’ve a lot of 4k videos. facilities such as encryption of your drive and its backup. Just in case the worst happens to your cloud storage. Plug it in and use your My Passport drive for Mac as a back up destination for Time machine. choice for you and your Mac? I hope you enjoyed my article “Best WD My Passport for Mac Review for You’re Mac”. If you want to share your My Passport for Mac drive with a Windows PC, you’ll need to reformat your drive. In the My The most notable upgrades with this line are an increase in maximum capacity (3TB), customization options, improved backup capabilities, and a line of models designed specifically for use with Mac OS. *Disclosure: Features like the Western Digital software. Check My Passport’s Price on Amazon. In the first quarter, the new WD My Passport Ultra 2019 was introduced to the public.. To meet users’ different demands for capacity, Western Digital offers three choices: 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Or want to Another reason You can view the latest results at this link. And your Mac with its Thunderbolt ports will store files, backup to. As you won’t find the attractive, bright lollypop colors of the non for Mac My Passport drive. So you can password protect those sensitive documents on your Mac’s hard drive. The My Passport Ultra USB-C edition has the same compact design as classic My Passport drives from WD with the addition of a USB-C port. A Windows PC will not be able to see a HSF+ formatted drive. Users can run diagnostics and format the My Passport with WD Drive Utilities, but other than that it is a plug and play drive that can be used to transfer and store up to 3TB of data. I was surprised to see how much space storage has dropped since the beginning of the year. The My Passport for Mac is WD's newest release, and was designed to specifically serve Mac users with the same out-of-the-box functionality that the My Passport Ultra offers.
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