In this video, I'd like to show you a complete tutorial on how to build up a plant condition monitoring system based on Blynk platform and ThingSpeak as a secondary web interface.. For this project, we use the BME280 combo sensor (temperature, humidity, air pressure) and Chirp! capacitive soil moisture sensor with the possibility of light level measurement. Esp32_SoilMoisture_WebServer.ino should be use if no micro sd card module is attached. Our soil moisture sensor measures soil mositure levels by capacitive sensing rather than resistive sensing like other sensors on the market. The Adosia Ninja DIY waterproof capacitive analog soil moisture sensor kit works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 and Adosia IoT systems – or any microcontroller capable of reading a 0-3V analog input signal range. Temperature and Humidity is available via the on board DHT11. It is made of corrosion resistant material which gives it an excellent service life. The CP2104 USB to serial converter makes the module easy to program, even as an Arduino. Everything works perfectly when I use my espressif-ESP32-WROOM-32D to read the value from the sensor connected on pin VP (36) which is ADC 0. This TTGO wireless capacitive soil moisture sensor based on the ESP32 uses the capacitive detection principle to measure the moisture of the soil. I am trying to use a ESP32- Heltec WiFi kit 32 with a capacitive soil moisture sensor. Capacitive soil moisture sensor for Arduino or ESP8266/ESP32. Hi all, I am pretty new to all this but I am trying to get into it. This corrods this sensor a lot less quickly and it lasts much longer than the regular sensors. A rugged and waterproof soil moisture sensor increases system reliability while lowering the total cost of ownership. Hi guys ! Measure Soil Moisture with this capacitive, non-corroding sensor. I have bought a capacitive soil moisture sensor and when I try to check the values here is what i got : Introduction. The main sensor on the board is a capacitive moisture sensor based on a 555 timer generating an analog value based on capacitance. Espressif ESP32 Official Forum. 【Capacitive Soil Temperature Humidity Sensor Module:】 it integrated DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, ESP32 Bluetooth wifi development board, besides, with 18650 battery holder 【Most Features:】Using capacitive sensing principle to detect soil moisture. Data is published to a web server hosted on the sensor. They are superior to the resistance probes often used in DIY projects. See the video from Andreas Spiess for a good explanation of how they work. Posted on November 10, 2020 by Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft) - 6 Comments on TTGO T-Higrow is a WiFi & Bluetooth connected soil temperature & moisture sensor LilyGO has made plenty of ESP32 “TTGO” boards with various features be it PoE , battery support , OLED display , cellular connectivity , and even a devkit in watch form factor . Following is the Python code we use for generating % moisture from the value from the Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor measurement in the Smart Garden System. Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor v1.2 with Wemos D1 Lite. Capacitive soil-moisture sensors are a great way to monitor soil water status in your potted plants, garden, or greenhouse using an Arduino, ESP32, or other microcontroller. Insert it in to the soil around your plants and impress your friends with real-time soil moisture data! The board also holds a (fake) DHT11 sensor that can measure temperature and humidity fairly precisely. The sensing is fairly simple but works well.