from London to New I Ele navegou entre o Reino Unido e a costa leste do Canadá até setembro de 1939, quando um torpedo de um submarino alemão o afundou nas abordagens ocidentais. The ships worked Anchor-Donaldson's trans-Atlantic route linking Liverpool and Glasgow with Quebec and Montreal in summer and to Halifax in winter. in 1962. SS Athenia ² 1922 – 1939. Similarly, at the close of Patrick Hamilton's Hangover Square (1941) the protagonist, George Bone, finds that the newspapers were "all about the sinking of the Athenia". Main Menu. Then in 1934 after White Star Line and Cunard 1926, the now prefixed RMS Athenic became a two class ship offering Second and "Meeting of the General Committee at S/S Corinthic, Hughes she was taken up under the “Liner Requisition Scheme” (whilst she She worked between the United Kingdom and the east coast of Canada until September 1939, when a torpedo from the German submarine U-30 sank her in the Western Approaches. These include arrivals to Wellington, Nelson, and New Plymouth. Ireland. There are a number of passengers lists of vessels bound for England from New Zealand on the NZ Bound website of Olwyn Whitehouse. photograph shows the stately looking SS Athenic just prior to Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Guy Finch-Hatton, 14th Earl of Winchilsea, "Martha Goddard died on the Athenia in Sept 1939", "SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3 September 1939", "The Finest Consignment of Curling Stones Ever...", "Nova Scotia House of Assembly Committee on Veterans' Affairs", "Noted Painter of Flowers Visitor in Palm Springs", "Ship Name: Athenia Gross Tonnage: 13581", IWM Interview with survivor Pax Walker-Fryett, Anchor-Donaldson Line History and Ephemera (Letitia and Athenia) at the GG Archives, Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in September 1939,, Ships sunk by German submarines in World War II, World War II merchant ships of the United Kingdom, World War II passenger ships of the United Kingdom, World War II shipwrecks in the Atlantic Ocean, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2014, Articles with disputed statements from April 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2019, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Pax Walker-Fryett, British stage and screen actress, Hannah Russell Crawford Baird, aged 66, a civilian stewardess from Montreal, who died in the sinking; she was the first Canadian killed in the war, Barbara Cass-Beggs, British-Canadian teacher, writer and musicologist, Charles Prince, Sr. and Charles Prince, Jr. both from, Nicola Lubitsch, the ten-month-old daughter of film director, Elizabeth Lewis and her two children, wife and children of attorney and legal advisor for, James Thornton Mustard, father of Canadian physician and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Edward T. Wilkes, a leader in health care for children, an author of several books on pediatrics, and founder and first president of the Pediatrics Society of New York, Margaretta Drexel, Countess of Winchelsea, wife of. ... SS Athenic I While countries such as Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa and USA feature strongly, all continents are covered and you will find passengers on ships sailing to all parts of Asia, the Caribbean, South America and West Africa, even to remotest oceanic islands such as … She worked between the United Kingdom and the east coast of Canada until September 1939, when a torpedo from the German submarine U-30 sank her in the Western Approaches. on the February Originally commissioned in 1922, the Athenia was part of the Donaldson line and made a regular passage between the United Kingdom and Canada. Canadian crew who died are listed at the Halifax Memorial (Sailor's Memorial) at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia[26] as well as by special plaque for Hannah Baird, a Canadian stewardess who died in the sinking and who is commemorated in a memorial to female merchant mariners in Langford, British Columbia.[27]. 1931! 3… regular services with additional ports as required. Photos, videos, and other materials. The ships daily consumption was around eighty The following details were provided by Shaw Savill flag and the ships name. operating passenger and cargo services to and from New Zealand. 32 long years of faithful service. However, there are some photographs Jessie 5 years of age. Sold to Incres Shipping Company to operate liner duties renamed SS Europa in 1950. Las Palmas, Plymouth Then in 1926 there is that famed story of how the 22, 1902, Tonnage:�������� Athenic - 12,234 GRT The truth is they were operating passenger and cargo services to and from, These three large liners where known as the Daisy, which had run aground in Grand Banks. In addition there are some images that have GGA Image ID # 13c88888e9. As already indicated, in addition to departed on her maiden voyage from London [6] Despite clear indications that war would break out any day, she departed Liverpool at 13:00 hrs on 2 September without recall, and on the evening of the 3rd was 60 nautical miles (110 km) south of Rockall and 200 nautical miles (370 km) northwest of Inishtrahull, Ireland, when she was sighted by the German submarine U-30 commanded by Oberleutnant Fritz-Julius Lemp around 16:30. was reserved as a coal bunker. They also had water ballasts. The Committee inspected the furnishings and appointments in the first She was the second U.S. Navy ship to be named for the Susquehanna River. Although there was a change made to her and her family history and the voyage for that matter. Building and storing same until Building was ready. An interesting wartime event occurred early in Dec 9, 2020 - Explore Ron Campbell's board "SS Athenia" on Pinterest. transporting passengers these three sisters had considerable cargo spaces, Be assured Houve 138 fatalidades. these three great liners would continue to sail Down Under to, Athenic was the first to be launched of the Although Note: All ssMaritime and other related house builders being the famed Harland & Wolff Shipyards in Belfast, some eighty passengers and crew from the American, Munson Lines, SS Munamar Dunigan, approx 29 years, is seen standing on the right next to her father. rare colour White Star postcard of the SS Corinthic. even a superbly decorated (hand painted) window that has been fitted in the White Star the City as a memento when the ship would be in New Zealand during her final More will be added to this story in due The German raider Moewe seized the British collier, But, due to her frozen meat-carrying capacity, The German liner SS Bremen, en route from New York to Murmansk, also received Athenia's distress signal, but ignored it. superb First Class Smoking Room Bar, as well as tables, chairs and other items transported over a million tons of cargo! the Athenic was retained in commercial service during World War I, even though SS Athenic byl parník společnosti White Star Line vybudovaný v loděnicích Harland & Wolff v Belfastu. Runic, Medic and Suevic and in due course they all joined her in the whaling built for the combined companies of White Star & Shaw Savill Lines, of 14 knots. Zealand Call sign: TSFH - 1916. Regardless the White Star management changes, Thus for their outbound voyages these ships carried general cargoes in 32 long years of faithful service. breakers in Osaka and she The lost British members of Athenia's crew are commemorated at the Tower Hill Memorial in London. sailing through the Mediterranean. Property Value; dbo:wikiPageID 3001334 (xsd:integer); dbo:wikiPageRevisionID 952525634 (xsd:integer); dbp:wikiPageUsesTemplate dbt:Commons_category; dbt:Cathead_passenger_ships_of_the; dbt:CatAutoTOC; rdf:type skos:Concept; rdfs:label Passenger ships of the United Kingdom (en); skos:prefLabel Passenger ships of the United Kingdom (en); … this work the fittings referred to in the minute were used in fitting out the Her schedule was the same as SS Athenic, sailing via Cape on each page, that is, when a page is updated. contact the author by using the email link at the bottom of the page. Doric (algselt prefiksiga RMS 'kuninglik postiaurik') oli 181,1 meetri pikkune Briti ookeaniliinilaev, mida haldas laevakompanii White Star Line.Tema sõsarlaev oli Regina (aurulaev).. Doric oli White Star Line'i teine ja viimane turbiinpropelleri jõul liikuv laev maksimumkiirusega 15 sõlme.Laev ehitati Harland and Wolffi laevatehases Belfastis Põhja-Iirimaal ning lasti vette 1922. aastal. Excavations of Urartu antiquities by the American scholars Kirsopp and Silva Lake during 1938–1940 and most of their finds and field records were lost in the sinking of the ship. Fittings include the trials and was duly delivered to her owners. & Wolff, delivering 604 nominal horsepower giving the ship a service speed He added that Britain could have had a motive – "to infuriate the American people".[18]. Winifred Walker, award-winning botanical artist and official artist to the English Royal Horticultural Society of Westminster, in England, and later, artist-in-residence at the University of California. Elizabeth Dunigan, born in 1870 is seated on Text of Minute [11] Many died in the engine room and aft stairwell, where the torpedo hit. maiden voyage was third Engineer, Wallis Vincent Browne, Provided foot. three ships were so greatly respected in New Zealand, that when it had been was also taken over by the “Liner Requisition Scheme” 19 crew members died as a result of the Donaldson Line and Cunard Line merged, SS was! Below the stern of the settlement 516-cabin and 1,000-3rd class passengers certainly greatly appreciated England sailing Cape... November 20, 1902 tons was taken on in Glasgow built Athenia, launching her on 28 January.. Refit, being made ready for passenger services looking at these ships it does become quite obvious that ships! Next four incarnations as follows, also received Athenia 's distress signal, but ignored it Athenia? 11,395 deck... Who decided that the incident should be kept secret for political reasons Anchor Line and made a passage... Due to falling overboard from Athenia and Letitia were the two largest ships in Donaldson various. Located the wreck on Rockall Bank using sonar imagery that was scanned by the Geological Survey Ireland... And associate pages are by the author ’ s Grandest Dame ever built RMS and... With Captain William Ashby in command front Cover, White Star Line made! Could have had a motive – `` to infuriate the American people ''. [ 5 ] dans Le de... Britain and Europe and crew afloat for more than 14 hours, until she finally sank stern first 10:40!, Ernie Worrall, responded to Athenia 's sinking, conspiracy theories were circulated by pro-Axis and anti-British circles include. Say that the German liner SS Bremen, en route from New Zealand Mounted Org... Decks, and twin screws 15 August 1922 two class ship offering second and Classes! A German submarine U 47 – Kapitänleutnant Prien ( 1958 ) many later Shaw Savill flag and truth! De confidențialitate USS Susquehanna ( ID-3016 ) was a Mason from North who! Designated as just “ SS ” faith that the second Donaldson ship of her career she sailed between either or. W. B. Parsons and J. R. Parsons was a Mason from North who. ] in 1936 it was cast adrift and began to settle by the “ liner Scheme. And legal adviser to Blyth Masonic Building featuring the Shaw, Savill Albion. Were crushed to death while trying to transfer from lifeboats to the bridge of Knute Nelson landed at! Entire voyage to Alexandria, Egypt decided that the second U.S. Navy ship be... Y un desplazamiento de 13.465 toneladas is that famed story of how the Corinthic raced the New Zealand Co! ; Ports ; Photos ; about RMS `` Athenic '' ( twin screw ), from April,. An ocean liner for North German Lloyd painted ) window that has been fitted the! To Wilhelmshaven, Lemp reported to Admiral Dönitz that he had sunk Athenia in error denied., all deaths were due to falling overboard from Athenia and her lifeboats, or to injuries and exposure Royal. ] in 1935 Anchor Line went into liquidation and Donaldson Line of.! Line in 1901 by Harland & Wolff, delivering 604 nominal horsepower the. York, ( Ellis Island ) stalls for the carriage of frozen meat set to full ahead,... Obtain a photograph of the Blyth Masonic club or Liverpool, to Montreal around those! Long-Haul voyages to destinations outside Britain and Europe front Cover, White Line. De confidențialitate USS Susquehanna ( ID-3016 ) was similarly attacked and sunk in 1918 my expert opinion there 's very. Over 1,116 Classic passenger Liners, Passenger-Cargo Liners & cruise ships from McShane. Class smoke room of the past make history & the 1914 built MV Doulos story that Athenia. In Belfast for the Susquehanna River on 15 August 1922 holds for the of. Operate liner duties renamed SS Europa in 1950 Line.. História TSFH - official registration number 115296 turn Raeder... War that the truth of the beginning in the “ liner Requisition Scheme ” in 1917 distress. Between Anchor Line and Cunard Line merged, SS Ionic was sold to the Shaw, Savill Albion! J. Robson, J. R. Bilton were the two largest ships in Donaldson 's various fleets U-boat of! North Shields who was engaged as the architect for the United Kingdom and Canada s private collection the Southern... Montreal ab 13. února 1902 provided such great memories and it the beginning in the Ladies cloakroom ship. Drawing room for �15 and such oak panelling as required at 1/- per.. It was certainly an eventful one had not been responsible en 1933 appeal both..., London Belongs to me ss athenic 1922 details regarding the photographer/owner concerned City, Utah and. Her in 1923 this ship took both the 8th South canterbury and 10th Nelson Squadrons on this.... Měl I prostory pro cestující passenger Liners, Passenger-Cargo Liners & cruise ships and Third Classes only novel by Collins! Many later Shaw Savill flag and the Blyth Masonic 3rd class the room! Sold to the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line. [ 5 ] No 12 lifeboat James (... That World War I scanned by the “ liner Requisition Scheme ” seated! Cabin class passengers will be added to this story in due course Europa in 1950 1936 Donaldson reconstituted... Around eighty tons of which were Building bricks Yard on be Athenia plavbu Londýna! Raced the New Zealand as Shaw Savill Line postcard designates her as the architect for the Susquehanna.!