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Our Approach


Spreading the word around well-being

One-day WoW taster workshop

We have designed the one day ‘Introducing the Wheel of Well-being’ workshop as an introduction to well-being. The workshop will be valuable to you and anyone from your organisation interested in learning how positive psychology can be interpreted in practical, creative ways to improve mental health and well-being. During the day, you will be introduced to practical information and free, easy-to-use resources that are designed to enable you to promote mental health and well-being throughout your local communities, groups and organisations.


We provide a range of free branding assets including logos, colours and icons, so you can communicate well-being in an accessible way. All of our branding resources are placed under a creative commons license making them easy to apply and share on your interventions.

Digital resources

There are a wide range of free digital resources on the website for you and your organisation to download and use as needed. These include well-being tips to test out and use, area-specific places to visit and activities to try out. There is also the option for you to set up a personalised account to keep track of your well-being activities online

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Creating well-being pioneers and champions

8-week DIY Happiness programme

Our 8-week programme has been attended by over 400 people, and has been designed to help you better understand and apply the principles of positive psychology. The programme is hands on with a range of activities that explore the concept of happiness both from an individual and collective perspective.

In each of the 8 workshops, we will explore a theme from the Wheel of Well‐being combining practical and theoretical learning activities. Some themes you might cover include healthy eating and healthy living, education, new skills and creativity, and reflecting on the environment and the bigger picture of living. Each session builds on the previous one so you get a deeper understanding of the key well-being concepts, as the course progresses.

On completion of the training, you will have access to a range of free downloadable resources including branding assets, digital resources and handouts. We will provide web and telephone support to adapt, co‐produce and implement well‐being activities learnt during the course for your organisation, group or community.

Bespoke programmes

We also provide tailored support around organisational strategy, staff requirements and community need. The WoW team will work with you to create a well-being programme that meets your organisational priorities, needs and challenges.


Sustaining well-being long term

Capability building

We understand that embedding new well-being habits within a community or organisation is often complex and can take time and effort to implement. To support this change process, we provide ongoing coaching and support to build knowledge, understanding and expertise in well-being within your teams so they can take the work forward longer-term.

Impact measurement

We have partnered with the McPin Foundation, to develop and pilot free data capture tools and supporting guidance to help you to demonstrate the impact of WoW within your organisation or community. The tools have been designed to be adapted or simplified to evaluate a range of WoW programmes including the 8-week DIY happiness programme, one-off workshops or an organising framework for a mental health promotion strategy.

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