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The WoW Yourself section is about ‘doing it yourself’. It’s full of practical things you can do to improve your well-being – tips to test, activities to try and places to visit.

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Socialise, meditate, encourage positive thoughts - balance mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

Tip by Jaya, Lambeth


In a bowl place ice, milk, marbles/glass stones & a few drops of lavender/peppermint. Dip your feet in and enjoy the sensation & relax. Enjoy how lively you feel after and how soft your feet are

Tip by E Johnson


The Lord who created the heaven and the earth as well has the power to give me the proper relieve in my worries, and refills my hope 's tank every minute. Try to do it! You will see the difference.


Appreciate what is around you - people and places

Tip by Anon, London


Gratitude is easy to feel when everything received is understood as that there is not any obligation from the giver.


We cannot enjoy wellbeing without a planet.  

Barney / Lewisham


Sleep well

Tip by Ingrid, Southwark


Visit a puppet show, or create your own!


Laugh more

Tip by Jude


Eat well, drink water, and use your body in as many different ways as you can. Muscles, lungs, heart and mind.


If you want some help memorising things (eg learning a new language), visit By associating words with pictures or actions you'll be much more likely to remember them


Attend a yoga class


Dance around your living room. Great exercise and you get to dance as though no one is watching, because no one is!


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