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The WoW Yourself section is about ‘doing it yourself’. It’s full of practical things you can do to improve your well-being – tips to test, activities to try and places to visit.

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Grow some of your own food

Tip by Rory, Plymouth


What makes a happier workplace? Autonomy & Feedback #staffhealth2015


Care for plants is as someone cares of you.


Think about one good thing that happened today and be mindful of positive thinking 

Yemisi from Havering 


Meditation is a physical and mental activity as well. After ten minutes of meditation you feel renewed like if you would slept six hours. It means physical wellbeing, recovery, ready for a new start, full of energy....take even 5 mins, wherever you are, In the bus, train, queue, etc. Breathe, close eyes and get a re-fuelling.


The best way to ensure I have a healthy week is to try and sleep eight hours every night.
Tip by Lorraine from Southwark


Don't buy things you don't need, don't buy on impulse. Only buy where there's a pre-identified need

Tip by Sarah, London


Be as focussed on the promotion of mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing


Put down your electronic device and focus on where you are and the here and now

Tip by Eleck


Sing 3 songs


Use cars less and walk more to help the environment 

Gary : Woking


Try and exchange at least one bath a week for a shower in order to save water


Join a choir and sing to your heart's content. It's great to connect with other people. Tip by Shirley from Catford


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